Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Temple Worker

Mike and I work on the Tuesday shift at the Draper temple baptistry and when we heard we were losing the missionary on our shift since he was reporting to the MTC, we were quick to volunteer Alec as his replacement. He has loved getting in practice in the font and confirming. He also has now become a military aircraft specialist after chatting with all of the veterans on our shift. They have lots of stories to tell and Alec gets to hear them every Tuesday now from 12-6 until he leaves for the MTC in Bogota. Working with him in the temple has been one of the best Mommy moments ever. Between this and his missionary prep classes he will be totally ready for his 6 weeks in the MTC.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looking Sharp

With the expense of Christmas done and the double missionary payments looming in the future, we decided that getting Alec’s shopping done sooner rather than later would be a good budget move. He cares about what he wears so we knew helping Alec chose his mission clothes would be a new experience after the anti shopping of his brother Braden. We spent several afternoons at Mr. Mac, Target, Distribution Center & Nordstrom Rack picking the basics and completed the few missing pieces with some online ordering. Alec is going to make one sharp missionary.