Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Called To Serve

It took almost 4 weeks for Alec to get his call, 2 weeks longer than we though it would do to General Conference but it turned out to be a good thing. With his parents being out of the country, he was going to have to wait until they returned to open it. Sitting on that official envelope would have been almost torture for him. It actually got delivered 3 hours after he picked them up at the airport, perfect timing!!! He also was lucky in that he submitted his papers before the big announcement in conference about the age change for missionary service. He could have been waiting an extra month after that.

As far as where he got called to, it was a place none of us guessed. We had put up a prize of $20 to anyone that guessed correctly where he would be going or to whoever guessed closest in the event no one guessed correctly. When he read his letter out loud, “You are called to serve in the Colombia Medellin Mission, you will be reporting to the Colombia MTC on March 13th 2012 and will be learning Spanish”, we all were really excited. Colombia was just not a place that was on anyones radar but we all felt it was exactly where he was supposed to be. 

Called to serve, wearing his souvenir fez from Turkey.

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