Monday, June 17, 2013

My First Baptism

Hola Amigos,

Sorry for not writing last week. Things we crazy in the morning when we normally go to the internet place. The guy that was supposed to show up with our new washing machine didn’t show up and we had to finally call and complain so then we had to quickly wash out clothes so we could hang them to dry. So since we were running late we had to go straight to Lorica for a ``meeting´´. The meeting turned out to be basically to play football and eat food which would have been awesome except we had not emailed yet and then it was too late and they were closed. I was very upset that they did not give me chance to write. I told them that if I could not write this week they would have do deal with the wrath of the gringo. They laughed and made sure that we had time this week so here I am. I’m really sorry.

My greatest moment this week really wasn’t a teaching thing. It was when I remembered all the lessons that we had with the Sister we baptized on Saturday. This was our first baptism. When I look back I could see how much the gospel had changed her life for good. When we first visited her she tried bible bashing with us and was talking about the Rapture (typical crazy talk) but now she knows about the restored gospel and is living the commandments. She told us today that she wants to be a missionary when she turns 19 (she is 17 now) because of our example, and the joy the gospel has brought to her life even if it only has been for a short time. It was really awesome.

It’s been really hot here this week and raining. It’s been like in the 100s or 90s all week, its been horrible and humid. When we got a breeze from a passing car or motorcycle it felt like a breath of fresh air.

I haven;t received my first package yet or the one Braden mailed me from Africa but I’m hoping they are just sitting at the mission home and I will get them soon.

The food here continues to be good but all the same. The desserts here are all milk based so its some sort of cream with a “cookie” mixed in. All though Hermano Rafa has given us ice cream on more then one occasion.

Got Dad’s letter about all the pictures he took for the new Playstation 4 launch. It makes me sad to know that I was replaced as the official hand model for Sony. The world will miss me. I have told a few people here about it when they ask whats a strange thing about you. I say I’m an ex hand model.  Apparently the guy at Game Stop misses me too Lydia said, pretty cool.

I’m also missing my snuggle puppy at night. Fargo is so cute when he sleeps on your bed. Its like a little fur ball of love.

Thats all for this week. Sorry its short but I have to make up for last week to every one too. I promise to do better.

My Comp Before He Entered The Font

Our First Baptism - Hemana Jessica

Celebrating my 3 month mark by making all of us a meal of chicken nuggets
 and fries in my manly apron.

Typical night at our house for dinner. Elder Luna made tacos.

My rigged egg poacher made of tape.

My plan of salvation poster I made.

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