Monday, January 13, 2014

Family Home Evenings

Hola Everyone,

Its nice to hear that everything back home has stayed the same and is as organized as always. I’ll be excited to enjoy you new laundry cabinets when I get home cause you know life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in awhile you might miss something.

Ha ha, it was so funny to hear that Braden is driving a malibo while his car was getting repaired after that guy hit him. I bet he just hates it. I know how much he hates American cars. This must be worse then him getting hit. Also just seeing your photo of the accident makes me realize how much I miss snow. Rain just sucks, you just get soaked and sad. But hey there is the saying that for every drop of rain that hits you on your mission your wife gets more attractive. I am getting rained on all the time,  so at least that is one benefit.

So this week was pretty rad. We had Family Home Evening in the house of a member and she invited a bunch of people. It was awesome. We received so many references from her. We now have two new families to teach because of that one night. I used the plan of salvation drawings Braden sent me (I changed them to Spanish so I could use them here) and had a great lesson. One of the dads was asking a bunch of questions, which helped lead the lesson along. For example, we had just finished talking about life on earth and then he asks ´´So what happens when we die, and how is it fair that the people who didn’t know about the church never get to have that knowledge.´´ It was almost as if he knew what he was doing, as if we planted him to ask questions. It was amazing. We will see how these families do in the long run but I think they are ready to hear the gospel.

As for service, we have not had many chances lately. I have been cooking my comp food at night, so I guess that could count. I decided that I was no longer happy with eating bread after we get back to the house so I started cooking things. We still have the members feeding us huge meals for lunch. They are awesome!

We had exchanges this week so an another missionary came to my area to work with me. He has only about 8 months left but got nervous when we were teaching and instead of saying that Jesus died for us he said that Jesus killed for us. He quickly corrected himself but it was still super funny. The investigator laughed so it was all good.

Oh yeah, and the old man, Jesus, that we baptized recently came to church this week in a suit! It was so amazing. He said that he went out and bought it because he wanted to wear his best to church. It was so touching. By the end of the day he said that he was super hot and that he is only going to wear it on fast Sunday from now on but it was still awesome.

Also, thanks Dad for writing me about you primary lesson Sunday and sharing the new stuff it made you think about. Its cool to think about if the third of the hosts of Heaven that followed Satan still have their agency since thats what he wanted to take in the first place. I don’t think he can take it away because agency is a right we have that has existed for eternity. We had agency when we were intelligences, so not even God could take it away from us. I learned that in my personal studies in the morning. I love having so much time to figure things out. I also would bet that a lot of them regret their choice. Living everyday knowing what you did and threw everything out the window would be terrible. Is that not the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth it talks about for people that go to the lowest kingdom, how much more so if you knew that you would never be able to have any glory even of the lowest king. It’s just so sad.

Well I hope that you all are doing well in you snowy lives.
Thats all I got for today, love you lots.


I Have a gift for someone. To bad they will have to wait until next year 
to get it since its kinda sketchy to buy plates here.

I rode my first cable car in Colombia, so I had to take a photo.

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