Monday, January 20, 2014

Throwing Rocks

Hey Everyone,

So first off, thanks to my Mom for the money to buy delicious food and stuff for my 20th birthday this Thursday, you know me to well. We will eat good for my big day. My presents are not here yet from the mail but maybe by Thursday. I’ll let ya know next week.

Second off I don't have time to put pictures up so I'm really sorry. I'll do better.

Wednesday we got to teach an old man that lived in Chicago for 20 years and wanted to talk to Americans. It was a nice lesson and we are going to visit him again this week. Hopefully it goes well. Its nice to get new people to teach.

American football on p-day last week was awesome. Actually it was only awesome until one of the elders slipped on the wet grass (it was raining) and pulled the ligaments in his shoulder : ( so other then that it was awesome. We had to stop and help him. I felt bad but was kind of bummed our game was over too. He is doing fine.

One sad thing this week was I got hit in the side of the head with a rock. A group of pot heads wanted us to come talk to them, we did not do that, so they got mad and called us names in spanish. We just keep walking away, then one of them thought it would be great to throw a rock. It hit me in the ear and I lost hearing in it for about 10-15 minutes. It hurt a lot. My companion, Elder Price, was really mad and wanted to punch the guy in the face for me (this was not the first time they said rude things to us). I told him it was not the best thing to do since we are missionaries and we just needed to let it go and not walk by them anymore. He agreed but was still mad so we just kept walking away. Pretty rude of them. 

One fun thing happened this week. The zone leaders came back from Meddelin with all the stuff I asked for from the office. I now have like all the movies from the church in our apartment, our family home evenings are going to be awesome with the members. I also got the gospel art book after asking for it for 6 months, so that is nice. I also got letters. Yeah letters. Its so nice to hear from home and get packages. A lot of my friends have totally slacked off and have not been writing. It was really nice to hear from a few but the others need to step it up I think.

Also, I just passed my 10 month mark on the mission. Crazy I have been out that long. Its going pretty fast most of the time except when you get hit with rocks.

Stay Classy,

P.S. Below is a quiz for everyone. I really liked it. See how well you all do answering and writing the scripture reference where you found the answer.

1. Which Nephite leader had two sons named Lehi and Nephi?

2. What does Rameumpton mean?

3. What is Deseret?

4. In the Book of Mormon what are the names of every person who had either the large or small plates of Nephi at one time or another?
How many are there? (remember a scripture for each one.) 

5. Read 3 Nephi 7: 23-26 & 11:21. Why did the lord give Nephi to baptize if he was baptizing people before?
6. Where does it say Reckoning in the Book of Mormon.
7. Corianton, son of Alma is famous for committing sins when he was a missionary. It does not talk much about him in the history afterwards, but it does say what happened to him spiritually in the end. Did he repent or no?
8. What does ´´the more sure word of prophecy´´ mean?
9. We know baptism is a symbol of death and resurrection, but where is it written?
10. A lot of people have doubts because Joseph was called to be a prophet when he was very young, but what are two examples of when god called other prophet at a similar age?
11. Normally the people use weapons of war, but were dose it say the had weapons of peace?
12. How old was Alma the older when he led his people from the Waters of Mormon to the land of Zarahemla?
13. From Alma 11: 5-19. If you have 2 senums, 2 ezroms, 1 onti, 1 shiblon, 1 shiblum, and 2 leahs how many Antions of gold would you have?

14 Where does it say the name of the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon?

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