Monday, February 9, 2015

Now My Comp Is Sick

Hey Everyone,

I’m super super, sorry, I still don’t have photos to put up this week. The beach activity was canceled so I had nothing exciting going on. This week was also super slow and Elder Smith got sick with the same crap that I had so we did nothing to exciting. Promise I will have photos next week, I will make sure of it.

Well, as for my heath, I still have a slight fever (97-98). It's not really anything. My legs also hurt, well its more of an ache, and normally its just in my right leg. Other then that I’m just peachy and getting better every day. My comp on the other hand got it hard this week and he hates hospitals and doctors so he would not go not that really can do anything about it. Mosquitoes are just stupid. He is just sucking it up and dealing with it just like I had to.

As for trunkiness, I’m good. I want to come home but it's not like I’m dying to. I’m finishing strong no thanks to my comp. He is saying as hard as he can to make me more trunky, he things its funny. Super nice huh. As for my actually homecoming, I need a few things. Can you make me an eye appointment for when I get back. I know my eyes are worse for sure. Also, when you come to the airport can you bring me a big, cold bottle of Virgil’s root-beer? I have been totally craving it.

It was cool to see all the pics of Lydia heading to the MTC this week. It’s sad none of the sisters dress like she does here. They all are in bland colors and its sad. She is going to be awesome and I’m excited to get to visit her in the MTC. She totally stole my bag though. She must have seen the pics of the one I bought here and wanted one just like it. Lydia is another reason my letter is a bit short. She gets the big letter this week for support from her awesome brother. Don’t worry, I’m sending it via Dear Elder so she gets it sooner than her p-day on Friday since you said she is pretty homesick and struggling with Spanish. I almost ran out of letters that I could use on the sight with how long I made it. I got her covered so don’t stress.

We did get out a tiny bit early in the week and had something awesome happen. Elder Smith and I walked though the pouring rain to make it to an appointment we had (which wasn’t there when we got there) but before we made it to the appointment we felt the impression that we should pass by a sisters house that we are teaching. She had a fight that morning with her husband and she had been praying that God would give her a sign that everything was going to be alright. Then we showed up soaking wet just to say hello. The look in her eyes was awesome. She knew and we knew that it wasn't by chance that we passed by that day.

Like I said before, I'm super sorry for the lack of photos. I WILL have photos next week.

Love you all!



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