Wednesday, February 4, 2015

No Superbowl

Hello Everyone,

Well, I still have Chikungunya. The effects usually last a few weeks up to a few months but I’m hopping for quicker. The effects are not as bad even as last week so that is good. It mainly aches in my legs and every once in awhile I’ll get headaches, but other then that I’m good. I have had to rest some nights after being out all day so we get back to the house at like 7-8 because I am just hurting but it hasn’t really affected our work and it will not be permanent.

Sadly, in Colombia they don’t care about Football let alone the Superbowl so no one was excited Sunday like we were. They only like soccer, which is a sissy sport really. The guy gets pushed and he falls over like he snapped his leg in half then gets up and runs after they give the other guy a penalty. In football if you see a guy after a play on the ground its because he is dying. I miss the manly man mentality where if you can you walk it off and not let any one know that it happened. We did not watch so next year I’ll be psyched for our family bowl party.

We have been able to contact a lot of new people these last two weeks. I think it is the American smile effect that we are using. People just want to know why there are two gringos walking around in Colombia with white shirts and ties. Sadly a lot of people will listen to us once or twice and then just lose interest, it sucks. But we still have some great people we are teaching. There is a family we are teaching right now and they just agreed that they need to get married because they want to get baptized so we are gong to get everything worked out this week so that they can get married soon. It will be awesome. Sadly, I will not be here for their baptism. It is going to be on the 14th of March but my comp says he will send me photos.

The best part of this week was our area fast. Elder Smith and I really felt good about it, also it helped that we had a cold Dr Pepper after we ended the fast. We have already seen changes in people.

So Sunday was the last Fast Sunday / Same Tie Sunday for me. I can’t believe that next month I will be home and we are wearing ties for Lydia and her mission. Speaking of same tie Sunday, a lady in my ward tried to steal my tie. She tried to tell me that I should leave it for her so she could send it to her son in his mission. I told her no and explained what the tie meant. She said that was a stupid idea and that I should give her the tie any way. Yeah, thats not happening.

Well, that is all for this week, I also know I am a slacker and don’t have any photos, but next week I will have quite a few. We are going to go to the beach for a zone activity so that should be fun.

Love you guys like a midget loves stilts!


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