Monday, January 26, 2015

It's My Birthday!

Hey Everyone, 

So first things first, I do have the release date info now. I will be home Friday 6/27 and I’m very excited although I will be in transit for over 24 hours by the times its done but at least I’m heading out with 6 other Elders. I have a long bus ride from the coast to Medellin, then a plane ride to Bogota followed by a long red eye flight to New York and then finally arriving in Salt Lake Friday morning. I may be dead from traveling so much but I’m excited to be able to see everyone. No Lydia though since she will already be in the MTC but I’m even more excited to go down and see her the next week in Provo. It's so cool they allow that now.

So it was my birthday this week. I’m the big 2-1. The actually day was somewhat a bust. Our lunch got canceled, so we went to a mall to go to a Mexican food place I wanted to try. It was really good. So worth some of the birthday money I spent. Afterwards I went to leave and my comp asked “Don’t you want to look around to see if you want to buy things for your birthday?” I told him that I could do it on Monday. He responded with “We are not leaving until you at least get one present.” So since he forced me I decided a little shopping would be ok before our next appointment but we needed to watch our time carefully. I was able to find some great shoes that were on sale. Mom has totally corrupted me that way. I also found a great tie and a nail trimming kit so I can keep my nails nice instead of ripping them. I may be a retired hand model but that doesn’t mean that I can slack off. As we were walking out, we found a little stall called Safari: Toys for Men. They had guns, knives, poker sets, lighters, laser pen, pretty much everything that any manly man would want. I was strong and resisted just so you know. The rest of my birthday money I spent on food.Almost this whole we were out of luck on lunches. They all got canceled so Elder Smith and I used the rest of the money you sent me to make food. It was awesome, the best birthday gift ever! I got 6 whole days without rice & beans and cucumbers. Below are of two of the big things we made. It was super good. Sadly, we were unable to make a cake since we do not have an oven but Sister Quirogas birthday is on the 8th so I’m going to make a cake for the both of us on that day in the church. I will make sure to use the fancy candles Mom sent me.

As for the sickness I have had, I’m over the main problems. I still have a low fever and from my knees down I hurt but it is not that bad.I just feel really old. It hasn’t been a problem at all, we are still working hard.I’m taking pain meds to help with the legs and the fever so its fine now and they said I’m doing really well. All my symptoms are totally normal.

I was happy to hear that Bean did so well on her farewell talk. I know that she is going to be a great missionary. The people of California don’t even know what they are getting. I think one of the reasons that she was called to speak Spanish is that she can learn to listen and be humble, thats what I learned coming here to Colombia. Either way she is going to be just what they need.

Well, I’m glad that everyone is doing great and that all is well. Love you all.


Here is the awesome food from my birthday money. We made 3 cheese tortellini, huge amounts
 of bacon for our sandwiches. The sandwiches were a huge bun filled with spicy guacamole,
 the awesome bacon and teriyaki weiners. I really prefer cooking for us and my comp was more
 than happy to share. The Dr. Pepper was a gift from the Sisters. They brought is back from Medellin for me.

Here are pics of my sweet shoes, tie and nail kit.

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