Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots of Tracting

Hola Everyone,

Okay, so this week I think I have finally found all of the little notes my family hid in my mission stuff before I left. They have been super awesome. I have glued them in the back pages of my journal to keep. Even Braden sent some for my Mom to pack all the way from his mission in South Africa. They make me smile. 

 We have done a ton of tracting this week as usual. Most of the time we look for people with their doors or windows open since its so hot. If everything is shut then most likely no one is home. I try to start talking the minute they open the door so we don’t get that  ”Why are you at my door” moment. My opening line is always different depending on what I feel needs to be said. Tracting doesn’t get many people here because a lot are strong catholics. The best is references from people. The best thing this week though was that we got a lady to commit to being baptized, then she came to church this week it was awesome. 

The second best thing is that I decided that I needed to have a case for my Spanish scriptures while I waited until I had the other case made. I’d trading my Spanish into my old case but they have been getting really beat up just thrown in my backpack so being a poor Elder I made one out of our Frosted flakes box. It is pretty awesome. Now they cant get beat up in my backpack. I just don’t pull the box out when we’re teaching.

Oh yeah, and the scriptures are awesome! Since I have been reading every morning now its awesome. I read something and go wow that is a good scripture *mark* 2-3 verses latter, that one is good too *mark* 2-3 latter, this ones good too, I should really just color this whole page red it would save so much time *mark scribble, scribble mark*.

Also I got the pictures to work this week and they got uploaded and and I had a few videos of the activity last week too so they are all on Flickr.

Love you all lots,

P.S. You can see all my pictures on Flickr:

Lunch with Hermana Kristin.

Me and Elder Truillo with a member during an actvity at the church.

Typical street and car in Cerete.

My fancy scripture case.

Long walk to our investigators house.

The bat we found one night in our house when we came home.

P-day trip to the beach (it was allowed) with my comp, Elder Gomez.

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