Monday, May 6, 2013

Life in Cerete


So let me tell you about Cerete. I live in a house with 3 other Elders. The house is okay. It is not great but it could be a lot worse. Our house is insanely nicer then most of the people we are teaching. I would like to have a normal washing machine, the one we rent each week just kinda swishes the clothes around. They get clean but it leaves all my socks rough and I don’t like that. The cold water only in the shower isn’t that bad either. It’s not ice cold it’s just slightly less then comfortable at first however after a long day in the hot sun you are glad to have any shower to feel clean before you go to bed. After getting my sheets stolen through the bars of my window right off my bed last week I thought I would have to move my bed but we found a way to lock it with a heavy pad lock we found in the house so there is now way to open it again. 

The other elders in the house are pretty great. They are Elder Luna and Elder Almu....... I can never remember his name it very hard to say let alone remember. Elder Luna is super awesome and relaxed at night but in the morning he is up and ready to go. Elder A tries to talk to me in English but doesn’t understand what the full meaning of what he is saying. My Spanish is coming along great, the more I talk with the members and people on the street and investigators I know more and more. Its awesome.

A typical day here is wake up at 6:30, be ready for personal study by 7 and then Companionship study at 8 then at 9 we leave to go tracting or to teach a lesson, what ever we have for that day. Then 12 is lunch with a member. Then from 1:30-9:00 is more trackting (which in spanish is tocar puertas, which translates into to touch doors) or teaching. Then we return home to eat and sleep. 

The people here in Cerete are so nice and warm people. They understand that because I am white (I mean new), I am going to have troubles with the language. They kind of judge me at first be cause here is this gringo in a shirt and tie with a Libro de Moron (Book of Mormon), but after they see I do speak spanish and am trying to learn more, they are humbled and will listen to what we have to say. Whether they want to hear more afterwards is another thing. A lot of people here are very strong Catholics but all in all they are great.

The people of the ward are really nice. They totally understand that I don’t know a lot of spanish. Some of them even try speaking English, it doesn’t work out so well. There are a lot of sound in english that don’t exist in spanish. Also everyday for lunch a different member makes food for us. Its really kind of them to do that.

Speaking of food, you should see if you can find a place in Utah to buy Postobon. It a really big soda down here in South America. They sponsors one of the biggest football teams in Colombia. You could try world market or some where similar or buy it off amazon possible. I recommend the Manzana because its awesome.

We don’t cook much because the members think we need mountains of food so we just make a sandwich or for me grilled cheese (the other elders make fun of my grilled cheese because they don’t understands its awesomeness). I did make pineapple chicken tacos recently, and am planing to make chicken nuggets for my 2 month mark.

They heat isn’t so bad any more. I have gotten used to it not that it’s any cooler. I carry one of the handkerchiefs to wipe my face with but other then that its not that bad. Also the members and progressing investigators give us cold glasses of soda to help cool us off so thats awesome.

On a sad note, the people of Colombia do not recognize the Siesta so we don’t get to take a nap after lunch. :(

Also, just so you know I think my p-day is always going to be Mondays so just to let you know.

I heard that my Dad got another scooter this week, that brings his total to 12 I think. At the rate he is going I think he will have 24 new ones for me to ride. All the people down here ride at least 2-3 people per scooter. Every time I see them I just keep hearing that stupid video from youtube in my head “Nuts to butts, who does that?” It’s bad.

For Mother’s day I’m super excited to get to Skype but I need to do it this Friday instead of Sunday so I will get you the details. 

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