Monday, May 13, 2013

Skyping For Mother's Day


So its now 100%, I will never need my license here. They are not going to let us drive in Colombia. All the inexperienced latino’s (some of which have never even driven a car) cant be trusted to drive. Also drivers here are crazy. Right now we also can not even have bikes. When we would go into a house even if we locked them up they would not be there when we came out. I guess I’m going to become a walking master. The other day we actually went 7 miles in one day criss crossing town.

Last Friday I got to Skype with my family for Mother’s Day. It was awesome. We did it Friday cause the computer places are not open on the weekends and none of the members have computers. It took me awhile to get it figured out but I finally got to see my family which was good. Since it took me so long to get it figured out and emailing back and forth to my Mom for help, I was only able to Skype for 40 minutes cause the place was closing but that was ok. 

The teaching is going awesome. We haven’t had any baptisms yet since both of us were new to the area. We do have two families progressing. I think we are going to try and get them to commit to baptism this week so I will let you know. My favorite thing to teach is the plan of salvation. It always has been my favorite topic in the gospel. I drew out the plan that Dad showed me he drew in his scriptures when he was on his mission. I have found a bunch of scriptures about the different parts. I love being able to draw the plan out on a piece of paper while we teach, it makes it so much easier for them to understand what all the steps are. 

We are still trying to get to know all the members. So far the only member that we have really gotten to know is the Sister that schedules all of our lunches with the members. She is a super awesome lady. If i remember I will get a picture of all of us with her this week.

Some people have asked me about food. For breakfast I usually have just a glass of water because we don’t really have time in the morning to make any thing. Sometimes I will buy some bread or a pastry from a bakery along the way. For some food things we pool our money or its some one buys some thing and says that every one can use it then the next time some one else buys it. We don’t cook like ever. The lunches here are huge since that is what the culture is like. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day so we usually don’t cook any thing, maybe make a grilled cheese or some toast and an egg, since we are still so full from lunch.

Also I’m jealous of every one back home that gets to drink Dr Pepper. It doesn’t exist down here so when I wear my ´´I´m a pepper´´ shirt down here on p-day no one understands what it means even after I explain it to them. It’s like trying to explain Vintage vespas to them they don’t understand. They understand Classico and motto but when I say Vespa it all goes out the window. I even show them the foto of me on the vespa and they have no clue. (Thanks for including that foto by the way. All the people I show it to think its really cool.)

So far we have done nothing on p-days because there is nothing to do here in Cerete. I just wash my clothes and listen to church talks and draw or look up scriptures while I’m listening.

Love you lots,
Elder Gomez´s bed is now offically broken.

Study session after doing laundry.

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