Monday, July 1, 2013

Making A Difference

Hola Everyone,

Sorry for the late emailing today. We went to the beach and got back late and now I’m cramming to write everyone before the internet place closes.

This week out after tracting we had a guy come up to us as we were walking home and grabbed our arms. He told us what great examples of faith we were to him. It was kind of cool after we got over some stranger grabbing us at night. Usually people are pretty indifferent when they see us on the street, some also stare at the white boy but most people do nothing. I guess we are making a difference.

Also I’ve been wondering if Dad would print me some shirts for the missionaries like he did for Braden. I’m not sure if you saw that I wrote about it before so here it is again. We want some ´´All Whites´´ soccer jerseys. Can you screen print on jersey material? If you can that would be awesome. If not no worries, I still need to buy one from the team that all the Gringos have in this mission.

I had interviews with the president this week and asked him if they had seen any packages for me. The zone leader is supposed to pick up mail for us once a month but he has not brought me back anything and I know that you have sent 2 packages and Braden sent one. He said he would look into it for me. The zone leaders still swear that if there is a picture of the Virgin Mary on all the seams you have a higher successes rate for receiving them. Its weird, here its almost as if Mary is more important then Jesus. Its amazing how the devil can slightly change the focus of people so the are not focused on Christ.

People have been writing and complaining to me about the weather back home but 112 degrees is normal here. Everyday it is 90-115. It sucks. But it only reaches its peek around 1-3 in the afternoon. We just make sure that we have a lesson or some other thing planed that is inside a house during those times. Everybody back home needs to toughen up.

Best part of my week was going to the beach today. It was really relaxing. Below is a picture of the drawing I made while looking at the view you should check it out.

My spanish is coming along great. The elders said that once you have 3 months in the field your spanish is really good. They were right. I have a hard time remembering english words when people ask me about them sometimes now.

I can’t write more, they are going to shut down my computer .

Love you guys lots,
Our P-Day at the Beach

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