Monday, July 22, 2013

New Guy In The House

Hola Everyone, 

So as of this week we have a new Elder in the house. My comp stayed the same but the other companionship in our house got split up. The new guy is Elder Cisnaros. He is from Chihuahua, Mexico which is close to the border with Texas. What is awesome is that he knows English. He learned it from watching movies and listing to American music. He is a super cool guy. I’m glad he is in the house. We needed another fun person other then me in the house. Some times I make breakfast for everyone just to be nice and since we had a new guy this week I made all of us French toast with carmel sauce from scratch to welcome him to the coast. Most of the time we are pretty lazy and just go to the little store around the corner and buy frosted flakes and milk. I can cook awesome stuff when I have the time.

Right now we are teaching some great families. The main one right now have the wife and daughter as members, but the husband and son are not. They are super awesome. They are the family in the picture below and Elder Gomez is explaining the movie before we watch it. In fact I am in their house right now. They have an Internet cafe in their house (its normal here). They give us a discount since they like us. Its pretty great. They are a great family. The husband has accepted baptism but not set a date yet so we still need to work with him to guide him down the path.

Funny thing happened this week. Saturday we had some drunk guys harassing us and when I say drunk I mean wasted, absolutely plastered. It was the 20th of July which is like the 4th for every one back home. They were not a real problem, they could hardly stand let alone throw any punches if they wanted to. The just talked to us about well... I really don’t know. They we mostly talking nonsense. Even Elder Gomez didn’t under stand what they were saying. Most of the time people don’t really bother us. There really are no bad areas in Cerete that we are not allowed to go into like Braden had. There are places we don’t want to go because its pretty much the gheto (like the Cepello) but we have no limits of were we can and can not go. Its just our good judgement keeping us safe. Here in Cerete Pickpocketing isn’t a real problem either that I have seen. I’m head and shoulders above most of the people here so I’m kind of intimidating for any would be muggers. The closest thing to a pick pocket was the monkey in the tree last week.

Also had a really good meal this week. A less active sister who we are trying to get to come back to church made us dinner. She made us Chicken Cordon Bleu which is one of my favorites. It was so good. She has cooked for us before and every time is always amazing. She also made us a special drink which is limeade and two maraschino cherries. I looked at the ingredients to look for high fructose corn syrup. Nope it has sugar. Every thing here doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup its all sugar. It’s only in the US were it has that nasty stuff.

This week I was once again short money. I had to pay the electricity bill for the house, 80,000 pesos out of my money. The office forgot to pay so I had to pony up the dough to pay for it. I can be reimbursed but its still a large sum to be taken out of my extra cash for emergencies. Not sure why I’m always the one to pay and then wait for the money, oh well.

Dad told me in his letter this week about how you are going to repaint the kids elite Lamborghini yellow. Thats sounds awesome and with that color every one will have no excuse not to see you while you are driving. I agree its a win win. I was kinda sad last week when you said that you were thinking about selling it but now that I know that, its going to be even more awesome, its all alright.

Love you guys all so much, and wish you a great week.


The family we are teaching.

My awesome breakfast skills.

Our power got turned off so this is the light I made for us to eat dinner by.

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