Monday, July 29, 2013

Digging Holes

Sup Everyone,

Apparently today must be some kind of holiday cause the email place is closing any time now and we just barely got here. I didn’t know I would be cut short and I’m very sorry. I will do better next week.

I am loving the new elder in the house, he is awesome and he and I joke all the time.
We do splits every so often. I don’t like them. I like my comp Elder Gomez. The other elders don’t understand how I feel most of the time.

Best part of this week is that we finally got to do service. We dug holes, it was awesome. I don’t know why the guy needed the holes but we did it.

I have nothing exciting to tell you for p-days lately. I just kind of hang out, wash clothes, its a day to relax not a day to be super busy,.

That’s all cause they are closing.

Love you all,


Got new mattresses this week and a bunk bed.
Gives us so much more space.

Waiting for the ward leaders to show up for a meeting at the church.

Elder Cisnaros and I taking a break while the other Elders ran to the store for water.

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