Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Allergic To Fish, Maybe.

Sup Everyone,

So, I’m allergic to fish, or thats what I’m telling people from now on. I cooked French toast for a part member family and after they asked if I wanted some food. I told them no and that I was full from the french toast that I had just cooked for them. They decided that no meant that I wanted to eat more so they gave me a big plate of rice and fried fish. The problem was that they didn’t cook it all the way. It was like sushi . . . from a GAS STATION, awful. I ate most of it until I had to go to the bathroom and I spent 3-4 minutes puking my guts out. So, I am no longer going to be eating fish here in Colombia. This is the second time from two different families that have not cooked their fish all they way and have gotten sick. 

In other news, Elder Gomez is no longer allowed to make decisions on how we go to the different parts of our area. We were in Cepello and he decided that we should walk back to Cerete (we took a car to get there to begin with). He was sure that it was going to be better because the different route took us directly to Prado, which was were our next appointment was. Being a little out of it because of the heat I agreed. After more then an hour and a half of constant walking, we knew that his idea was stupid and he was not allowed to make choices about walking again. 

Right now we have one investigator with a date for baptism. He is 13, and lives with his grandparents. His dad lives in Monteria, the next city over, and is a member. We taught him the first two lessons solo, but for the third lesson, when we arrived his dad was there. He said that he had a feeling that he needed to stop by in the morning, but didn’t know why. When we came to the door he said he knew exactly why, he needed to bare testimony of what we had taught was true. His son accepted baptism that day and it is scheduled for not this saturday but the next. It was super amazing to hear the dad share his testimony of his conversion with his son. I look forward to the saturday he gets to be baptized.

It was nice to see the pictures from home about Braden’s new scooter and the new paint job on the Elite. I miss vintage scooters. Every one and there dog here has a motorcycle, and they are all the same one, sure it says honda hero or susuki or bajaj, but they are all the same with a slight change in the body panels. Im dying to see something that someone actually took the time to think about to make it look nice, or some thing that is at least different.

So we are thinking about moving houses, the last guy fell through and was a weenie with the church. He wanted it to be in the name of the missionaries, not the church. Not a good idea. But this new house is owned by a cousin of a member. Its not done yet. It still needs paint, but its so much better. You can feel the spirit in the house its awesome. Its also really modern looking and has sharp lines and is almost all black and white with little accents of color. I will let you know what goes on and send pictures if we move.

Also our zone leader is coming back for Medellin and we are having a zone conference tonight. I will be able to know if he has a package for me or not today. If he does it should be the first package you sent, since I heard it takes 3 months to get here. If its not here tonight I will let you guys know next week. No package means I think you guys will need to stop sending me packages which would be sad but no point to send if I can’t get them.  I also should get the scripture cases I bought tonight so that should be exciting.

Love you lots,

My mini hymn book I bought - We Are Called To Serve

Gift from a member, love this pen.

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