Monday, February 10, 2014

Machete Gift

Hello my Amigos,

Well bad news. I forgot my camera in the house so, I can’t up load any pictures. I’m so sorry. They will be up next week, I promise. 

We have been teaching a lot lately and we have a few baptisms coming up but they are not firm dates yet. We are hoping that they will be able to commit to a date soon. We have the family that we are teaching in the coffee farm, they need to get married before their family can be baptized. In Colombia it is super expensive to get married because of some fee to get the license so a lot of people never do it officially but consider themselves married. They are just to poor. We also have another guy named Juan Bedoya, he wants to be baptized but is always out of town working. He works for Amway so he has to travel a lot. Here is to hoping that they will all make it.

Its been great teaching with my comp, Elder Price. He is awesome. We get along so well together. Our favorite things to do are just goofing off when we are in the house. All sorts of shenanigans go down when we have free time at night (the fruit ninja was just a small glimpse of the fun things we do). He is a really a great guy, I know I’m going to miss him if I get transferred. 

Which leads we to my next point. I’M GOING TO MEDELLIN. Its not super official. We have not heard anything from the zone leaders yet, but Elder Gomez emailed me and said that I’m coming to the district that he was in, and that he is going to be zone leader in Villamaria (my zone right now). I will have to wait and see if he is not just pulling my leg. Next week will be the official transfers so we will have to wait and see. It would be cool to be by the mission home and a big city. It would also mean a bus ride through that curvy road again. 

Well some thing fun. A sister in our district is ending her mission this week, so me and Elder Price bought her her own machete with a leather sheath, then burned her name in to the sheath. Well technically its not her name, but the nickname we gave her. The name is Nefa (Nephi in spanish is Nefi and she is a girl so Nefa, and since she was always working so hard we decided to call her the female Nephi). Awesome going a way gift right. Every girl needs a machete and Elder Price and I really like ours.

Thanks for all the letters and pictures everyone sends me from home. I really like them. I promise I am going to try better to always write and send pics. I know its important. Its really funny, every time I get a lot of photos from Dad it puts them below so I have to read the description then scroll down, look at the photo, then repeat for the other. Its fun. Sometimes I end up looking at the wrong photo and have no idea what you are talking about until I find the right one.

So, in Braden’s letter he told me that you are thinking about just getting a new Forester for me and letting Lydia take the old one to college. You have my full support. Especially if you get the one Braden is looking at or one like that. Please and thank you.



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