Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking the Hills of Robledo

Hola My Amigos,

So my new area in Robledo and it is pretty sweet. We walk a lot (shocker). The only problem is that Robledo is all one big hill so its up and down all day long. The members here make up for the hills. They are awesome. The ward council is amazing. The leaders are all working hard to help out the members and the investigators, it is just great. I am really liking my new area and the people.

Well our apartment is made for two but there are 4 living here. It is cramped but its fun to have 4 guys. We have bunk beds because there is almost now space. I sleep on top because the top is awesome plus I get an amazing view of the city through the window.
The neighborhood is nice. Its not super poor but its not the richest area either. We do have a store like right next to our house so we can buy stuff without having to hoof it up any hills so that is always a nice bonus. I think I’m going to be losing even more weight and I’m not big right now as it is.

My new comp is great. He was my zone leader from the last transfer when I was in the coast near Cerete. His name is Elder Benitez and is from Mexico. He went to the same high school as Elder Gomez so thats kinda funny. He is really cool and relaxed, but knows that we need to work hard so basically he is just like me.

Now that we are in Medellin we are still being fed lunch by the members. I think that will stay the same my whole mission since lunch is their biggest meal. The lunches are a bit better but not much from my last area. Don’t get me wrong, the food is nice but boring. Its always rice and tomatoes and cucumber almost ever day. It is just not fun. Normally they taste fine, some taste good but they are all the same. I swear if I come home and we eat a ton of rice I will snap, it will be on the news and everything. 

So for p-day today we are going to buy things in the city center. They have a bunch of stuff super cheep there, so I should have some goodies to share. I’m pretty excited. My last area was just too small for some stuff. 

So its only February and all the snow is gone back home? How sad. I miss the snow but I don’t miss driving with stupid people in it our the random old ladies that seem to constantly be rear ending our family.

Also it is true about what you said about teaching people about the gospel. We really have to understand it to be able to simplify it for others. I have seen that a lot in my mission. Makes me glad everyone taught me right. Its like teaching children sometimes here.

Love you so much,

Picture of my typical breakfast before walking the hills.

A fews pictures of my new flat.

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