Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Great Ward in Medellin

Hello Everyone,

I am loving my new ward here in Medellin. It is pretty big, I would say it is almost the size of our stake and the stake we are in is half of Medellin. Medellin itself has about 6 million people, its kinda crazy. SLC only has 2 million people living there so its much bigger here but a lot more poor in places too. I feel really good about all the members and how much they do their callings, its like a ward from the U.S. I feel as if when I bring people to church they are really going to enjoy it and that when I leave that they will continue to grow and come.

I’m liking having a lot more places to buy stuff to. I went shopping last week on p-day but I only bought a tie, although I did find cologne from ``John Varvatos``. We are going back today and I am going to buy the cologne because this is the cologne that I wanted to buy back in the States. It is a lot cheeper here, hopefully its not because it is stolen or a fake but I cant know for sure.

The Dr. Pepper quest is going good. I have located it and all I need to do now is go and get it. I think I will be doing this next week. I got so much stuff to do this week for p-day plus the longer I wait the better it will be. The thought crossed my mind that I could wait until the end of my mission to partake of its goodness, as a gift to myself like ``good job me, here have a drink on me`` so that also might happen. I don’t know if going so long without it will happen but I am already half way there anyway.

Still no packages, but my zone leaders when to the office last week so I hope I will have my goodies soon, fingers crossed. Still have not seen my birthday present or anything since the beginning of December but at leasI got my Christmas stuff on time. Its just nice getting the stuff at all even if I have to wait.

Oh and Dad, nice knot in the same tie Sunday picture you sent me Don’t feel bad it to you so long to tie it. The first time I did that knot it took me the same amount of time. I can’t wear it here very much but sometimes I will for a special mission thing. I like that you took the pic by my mission plaque. Funny story about that plaque. I choose Romans 10:13 but what it say in 13 isn’t really true. We are not saved by grace, but if you read Romans 10:13-15 it is the best mission scripture ever, Like EVER.

So Dad has betrayed the U? How could you? Nah its fine. I have heard from a lot of people that BYU Idaho is amazing and doesn’t have all the gooberness of Provo. I’m really excited Lydia knows where she is going now and loved her tour up there last weekend. I had thought of looking at going there after my mission actually, since I am thinking I no longer want to go in to science (personal revelation). I don’t know what I’m going to do, but that is the ``deal`` I made with God before I left. If I serve a full time mission, that he would guide me to what I’m going to for the rest of my life once I get back. Being up there with Lydia would be awesome!!!!! Did that just blow your mind, because I think it might of ( I do apologize if I did indeed blow your mind).

Thanks for shadings the pics of the mini golf hole you made for the work activity and the part you mocked up for the scooter. So what is your plan with the mini golf course? Are you going to save it? Is going to be a permanent part of Origin from now on? Give me the 411. Skills are just great to have. People are shocked how much I can do, I always tell them that you should see my family. I think working with our hands runs in the family.

Love you guys lots,
Stay Classy Salt Lake!


I bought this tie on monday, then changed the size on Thursday. 
Skinny ties are the best.

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