Monday, March 24, 2014

Story Time With Elder Meyers

Hey Everyone,

So first off I am warning you all that the pictures below contain graphic toe pictures. You have been warned and yes, I am taking an oral antibiotic. I have plans to get permission to go see the doctor tomorrow. The swelling has really gone down, from the photos.  I am using flip flops every day now and taking the antibiotic 3 times a day like the mission medic said (the bishops wife called when I was in their house for lunch and she saw my feet). I have plans to get it taken care of with the doctor, although it may take me out of commission for a little it will be worth it to not die from something stupid. Actually the medic says it is not as bad as it looks so nobody panic but my feet do hurt. It’s been not good.

On a happy note we had 2 baptisms Sunday morning before church. One of them is Liliana, the lady that changed her date because she didn’t want to wait. The other was Sandra, we have been teaching her for a while. We had plans to baptize the sister of Sandra, Monica, but she was unable to come since she got really sick Saturday night and was unable to attend. We are going to continue to help out Monica so she can get baptized soon.

Wednesday we were out and our appointment fell through so we started tracting. We found a really cool guy and his wife. His name is Juan and hers is Vicky. He likes to study the bible so when we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it can help him understand the doctrine better, he was thrilled. We also watched a 20 minute video with them about the restoration of the church and Joseph Smith. It was a great experience.

Sadly we have not been able to do any service recently, but we are always looking. I wish we did more.

Oh yeah, thanks for the pictures of the pins you made this weekend. I would like it if you could send me more. I have them on the inside of my suit jacket as achievements of my mission. I still need the one year badge and second transfer badge. Everything else is up to you. I like the funny pins that I have. I feel like they are bonus fun for being an awesome missionary.

with Elder Meyers

So Sunday morning as were were walking to the a members house to borrow pants for Elder Benitez. We passed by people who were drinking. So as we walked passed two of them started to fight a little so we hurried past. However one of the other drunk guys came up to us, and started telling us his story that he doesn’t want to be a drunk any more and that he is tired of fighting with people, okay thats nice. We told him that he could come to church some time to start the change he wanted in his life. Then he started talking about that he had killed 10 people and asked if he could be forgiven of that. We explained that he could but it would be a long process. We thanked him and headed off on our way however he started to follow us, not good. He went on and on about the what he liked to do with his gun (guns are illegal in Colombia). He then poured what I think was aguardiente (fire water) in to a plastic cup and told us to drink it. We told him that we don’t drink but thank you. He didn’t like that and because he was drunk out of his mind at this point thought that we were insulting him. He then told us that we needed to drink or he would kill us like he did the other 10 people. Not good at all. He passed the cup to Elder Benitez, and when he wasn’t looking poured it out. After wards I did the same thing. He  was then ``happy´´ so we went to leave but he continued to follow us. At this point we were very close to the house of a member. I said a silent prayer and we walked quickly to the house, with him hot on out tails. As soon as we knocked on the door the Brother opened it, at which point I whispered ``help us´´. He quickly ushered us in and the guy ran a way. 

This has been
with Elder Meyers

Well I hope you guys have a fun week and don’t be too frightened by what happened to me this week. I’m serving God so I will have his protection for these 2 years.


These are my pretty bad feet with a couple of bad ingrown toenails. 
Don’t say I did not warn you before. Small children should look away.
Oh and the red on the floor is not my blood.

Sandra was baptized Sunday morning. She got there a little late so we couldn’t take a photo with her in the baptismal clothes. Liliana also got baptized Sunday and confirmed. We have been teaching her for 3 weeks and she has a bigger testimony then some of the members.

I don’t know why but my neighborhood has a giant fish.

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