Monday, March 10, 2014

She Let Us Teach Her

Hole Everyone,

We have been having some great success teaching lately. We taught a sister this week that was a reference from a member. She was getting her hair cut and and the member shared her testimony with her and invited the missionaries to come and talk to her. She accepted and we have been visiting her ever other day since then. She loves the message that we are teaching, she is so excited that she decided to be baptized on the 22nd. She just understands what we are teaching. I found myself asking the stupid question “Why cant every person be like her? Why don’t people just flock to the church, and have lines out the door to get in the font?” Then the spirit whispered to me ``Because truth is a small voice that whispers to the soul, where as the world is a megaphone blasting in you ear.´´ It is sad but true. I have embraced my new motto that Samson shared at his homecoming, “Embrace the suck”, because every now and again there will be someone who will be worth it and will let us teach them.

I’ve been enjoying having 4 Elders in my new flat even though its crowded. The other missionaries are Elder Sanchez (El Salvador) and Elder Gutierrez (Mexico). They are pretty chill guys. We basically just hang out at night after our long days of teaching. I am teaching Elder Gutierrez how to solve the rubics cube (because I can do that now). I would teach them English, but they already know a lot so there is not much point. Its nice to have extra people to talk to.

P-days in my new area are pretty laid back just like the other places. Today we played basket ball at 5 am which was fun. Then we played it again with two other zones at 10 am so I am super tired right now. Usually we just hang out and shop for our groceries, email and do laundry stuff.

Dad, thanks for telling me about your lesson on Lot in primary. We had the same lesson here and its a cool story. We talked about what it meant that she looked back. It wasn’t that she just look back, she wanted to GO back, her heart was in Sodom she wanted to return to her old life which is why she was turned in salt. That is cool that scholars say the valley  where the dead sea is was where Sodom & Gomorrah would have been. That really explains why that entire area was completely destroyed. Wickedness never was happiness and the dead sea is a pretty good example of that.

Oh, and I got my contacts replaced this week. Thanks you so much for buying them for me. I know they cost like 1/3 of what we paid in the states but I know mailing them that they would probably never make it. Thanks so much!!!

Love you guys,

P.S. No new pics. I’m really sorry.

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