Monday, March 31, 2014

The Feet Are Getting Better

Hello Family & Friends of Mine,

So an update on my toes. We called the medic of the mission to get an appointment, but he asked me a few questions about pain level, size, and if I was taking antibiotics. He said the best option was to have someone cut the toe nails out for me if I could stand it instead of doing an operation that would put me out of commission for like 2-3 weeks. I’d rather be working so I’m trying that route. Liliana, our recent convert, does medical stuff like this for a living so I asked her and she was happy to help me. She was able to take the right one out but the left one is really deep so she is waiting until this Friday to take it out. I am going to take more oral antibiotics and a topical antibiotic that is used in hot water . That should make my toe less inflamed by then so she can take it out. The medic said if having her help me does not work or they are not getting better then to call him and they will get me in that same day. I don’t hunk I’m going to need the extra help from him though. The right one now is healing nicely and doesn't hurt at all, it also really gone down in size. I am also using shoes again so that has been nice. Walking in sandals is terrible. I should be good to get the other one out and then let them slowly grow back in.

So an update on the sister of our recent convert. If you remember, she was sick when her baptism was scheduled but now we found out she really is just having huge doubts. She is unsure about the Joseph Smith story after we told her the restoration movie was just actors. She thought they filmed all of his life and the movie was really him. Its kinda stupid, I think she just feels dumb right now because she realized that they couldn’t have cameras in the 19th century. She really felt the spirit during the movie so we are going to continue to work with her so she can fell more prepared. Here is to hoping that she will be able to get baptized soon.

As for studying lately, I got my hands on the institute manuals for the Old Testament and Doctrine and Covenants. So right now I have stared on the Old Testament. I cant study these books during normal study time, so I wake up a little bit early to have 15-30min to study the Old Testament. After wards I read the Book of Mormon for half an hour and after that I study for my investigators in preach my gospel or in the Book of Mormon the bBible etc, whatever topic they need I study.

Well this week Elder Sanchez, the other guy in our apartment, got a new companion. He is from Bogota. He was serving in Uruguay but for health reasons he is in our mission now. He has a super cool conversion story. He was basically a leader of a gang and fought and robbed people but once he heard the gospel it changed his life and he gave up all of his past life to be a member of the church. Its super cool. He still has his tattoos from when he was in the gang. Super chill guy.

So the cafe racer is looking good and makes we want to have one when I get back. Maybe it should be a little smaller so the power is not crazy, and me being a 20 year old and thinking I’m invincible I might doing something stupid and smaller would be less of a temptation. I also want to get a vintage scooter. I think a Lambretta would be the best option since they ride a bit better. Your VBB feels like a bar stool when you are not moving. Its a lot better when you are up and moving. Also you have almost had no problems with your Lambretta after you rebuilt it (which reminds me you will have to teach me how to to that) .

Well love you all lots, have a great week. Birthday shout outs to my Dad and Braden, I’ll celebrate with ya next year.


Here is a picture of me in our zone shirts we made, also the sweet glasses my 
Mom sent me for St. Patricks Day. This was my March package. I also got an April
 one for Easter she got from Dear Elder. 

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