Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend

Hey Everyone,

So first, I did get to watch conference this weekend, and I got to watch it in English all 5 sessions, WOOOOO. I can understand when they speak in Spanish but its a straight shot in English. There is no translating, no questions, just doctrine directly to my ear holes. I took notes as well. I really enjoyed watching conference. I’m looking forward for the next one in 6 months.

We met a new sister this week to teach while we were visiting a less active sister. She lives just up the street. She told us that she just isn’t happy anymore. She has had different men in her life but they never seem stick around. She just seemed so sad. We knew that she needed to hear the plan of salvation. She absolutley loved it. She understood why none of those other guys stuck around, she needed to find someone that would be with her forever. She said that she needed to start searching in better places to find someone that would want to spend all eternity with her. We told her she could find some one if she came to church (she was all for that). It was cool to see, we had planed to teach our less active but we got to teach her friend and encourage better dating.

As for my toes, I have an appointment planed for this week to get the other nail taken out. I had one last friday but the member that was a medic had to cancel because she had to go to the doctor for a check-up so I had to change to this week. I am also still taking an antibiotic so I am going to live, don’t you worry. The swelling and infection have gone way down.

We also helped a sister move this week. All of our appointments fell through so we went back to the house to plan what we were going to do. All of a sudden this sister calls on the phone, and asks ´´Hey, can you help me move, like right now.´´ Answer to prayers right there. We hauled everything out of her house and took it to her sisters house that lives near by. What happened is the landlord started being nasty and raising the price of the rent so her and her husband said screw it we are out of here. They are looking for a new house but right now they are staying with the sister. They are a super awesome family. I am glad we could help them out. We don’t get to do enough service around here.

Dad wrote me and told me you had been searching my log in for my secret bacon recipe. I’m glad you found it and could enjoy it for conference even if now my secret is out. Bacon is awesome!!!

Also just a heads up to everyone, not sure if I wrote this before or not. DO NOT write Elder on any of my letters or packages. The post office here is getting weird about it and returning all of my stuff back to the states. So mean. Just write plain Alec Meyers and we’re good. If you got anything returned to you lately I would love for you to resend it please, please! :)

Anyway, ta ta for now.


My District after conference.

Had a member decide to paint me a wok of art.

Between conference sessions on Saturday we made a mad dash to the super market 
to buy stuff for our dinner and I found the Holy Grail. They had a cheese section!!!!

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