Monday, April 21, 2014

Not Quite a Real Easter

Hey Everyone,

Well first off my Easter was pretty stupid. No one does anything here for Easter. Its a holy week for the catholics so every one gets off work and no one dose anything. All of our investigators left for vacations or were spending time with their family, which is awesome for them but sucky for us. We had like no one to teach this week. Then to top it off they didn’t even talk about the savior on Sunday. None of the talks were about Easter. The only thing we had related was the gospel class was about the atonement which I liked and I made a lot of comments. The atonement is my favorite topic about the gospel. I study it quite often. Its the strongest thing we have as missionaries. The restoration is the hook but the real message we have is the atonement. The mission has really shown me how important the atonement is our lives.

So since my awesome Dad sent me money I was in fact able to get new shoes this week. I bought them in Bosi, they are super fly and snazzy. Best of all they are super comfy. At first they were not but I have started breaking them in and they have started to loosen up so they are going to be great. The best is that they have a big heel so they will last a while I hope.

The best part of my week was that Elder Uceda (Area Seventy) came to our mission. He talked with us for 3 hours. It was super cool. Something cool he did is he told us not to write down any thing he says, only to write what the spirt said. He also told us to raise our hand briefly every time the spirt said something to us. Not to share, just so he could see when and who the spirit was talking to. It was an amazing experience. He didn’t talk about things like Kolob, or the secret powers of the priesthood. He talked in basic words and mainly talked about facing your fears but because he spoke with the spirit every one who wanted to learned a lot more then just facing your fears. I’m not going to write down every thing the spirit said but the last thing I felt was when he was bearing his testimony, he said that he knows we are all children of God and the sprit whispered to me ``What are you willing to do to be worthy to be called a child of the living God?” It was a great meeting!

I got some cool pictures from home this week. I cant help but laugh, the first thing I thought of when I saw the speedo and the sticker cutter of my Dad’s was what mom has always said ``boys and their toys``. I thought it fit nicely. The speedo looks super fly. Who thought that you could make a custom speedo with just a vinyl sticker cutter. Now that you have a sticker cutter, you should send me a fun sticker of your choosing in my next package. I am also missing out on the pins/buttons you said you would send. I have had my year mark year and I got transferred for a second time so that is two like right there. Please and thank you from your favorite middle child.

Braden’s scooter is looking pretty sweet. The GTR gun metal is awesome especially when its matte and has the black accents. Oh and also I sent the photo of the cafe racer to Elder Cutler, my friend from the coast, just to make him suffer a little bit.

Well I hope you all have a great week. Love you all lots,

Cooking like champs and I still have my fancy apron. We made Patacons.
(plantains fried and flattened and then refried with omelets.

These are the new cases for my English scriptures and the mini hymn book I ordered for my birthday.

Dinner after our meeting with Elder Uceda for my district.

My new shoes I got to replace the old ones, snazzy right?

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