Monday, April 14, 2014

Nerf Wars

Hola Everyone,

First off to my Mom, I’m so sorry about you kidney stone and even more sorry that you got left alone after the surgery for days. I’m sending you a telepathic hug, did you get it? No? Let me try about now? Well, I, hope you got it. I only have enough telepathic power to send two hugs for today. I will send some more tomorrow. And Dad, since Mom is feeling sad from her trip to the hospital can you buy her some chocolate or some thing and say that its from me? Please and thank you.

Now onto my foot update. Well, my toes are doing good. I never got the left one taken out, but she cut out all of the dead skin and scar tissue. It stopped being infected and has returned to its normal size and color, so ya my body is like Wolverine and heals super fast. I think I am good to go and will never have problems like this again. If I have a problem even a little bit again I am going to go straight to the medic, promise.

This week we got to do an activity in the church for members less active and investigators. We played a few games like putting a cookie on your forehead and having to put it in your mouth with out using your hands. We also played the game where everyone gets in a circle and puts there hands in the middle and grabs some one else's hand then they have to untangle themselves to form a circle. The last game we played was an old west duel, with nerf guns. This one was by far the best. We had little kids, youth, and adults playing but the best was when the bishop and the stake presidents councillors went at it. They really got into it. They were jumping over chairs, hiding behind the members and running around. It was super funny to watch. I think showing we are real people and can have fun as well as be spiritual will help make them come more.

P-days lately have been pretty chill. We mainly go to the city center to look around, sometimes we buy things, a lot of the time its for people watching (well thats what I do, I don’t know about the other elders). The last p-day I bought a knock off Hugo Boss cologne which is awesome. It was like 10 bucks and smells the same because they just mix the chemicals together to get the same thing. I also designed in photoshop a t-shirt for my comp. He loves Dr House and Carl Lightmen so I made him a shirt. We had it printed up and it looks pretty sweet. How many other elders can do that - none. Its because I’m awesome.

Oh and I was wondering if I could get some money for new shoes. Also as you will see in the photo below, my shoes did not make it as long as I hoped. We have walked this whole mission so far. I need to get some new ones. They are like 300,000 pesos which is $150 USD. I’m sorry every thing here costs so much. Its because there is the black market (which every one uses, its like in Turkey with the genuine fake watches). They make a bunch of fake things so it pushes the prices of the real items up so they can make money because no none wants to buy quality. They just want the brand plastered on their clothes. Let me know what you can do. : )

Dad’s Abrarth Track Experience sounded really cool. Thats awesome that it was better then the Nascar one you did before. Now you just need to test F1 to be totally set. I hope this doesn’t mean that you plan on driving your Fiat like you did on the track at home. What happened to your BWM tires was bad, but then again the Fiat tires are dirt cheap so I guess that does mean that you will be driving like Steve McQueen every where you go.

Speaking of cars, I think I just need to stop listening to Braden. He keeps saying that you guys are changing plans for the Fozzy. Your going to sell her or your going to rebuild the engine, or your going to rebuild the engine then sell her. I’m thinking he has lots of ideas and keeps messing with it but has never talked to you. I’ll wait to hear the real stuff from you from now on before I think its real.

Well I love you guys lots,


Moses 6:34

This is the shirt I designed for my comp.

These are my super dead shoes. I really need new ones.

Millonarios.! This is the team from Bogota. I was in Bogota for the beginning 
of my mission so I thought I would buy it last p-day.

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