Monday, April 28, 2014

Back To Work

Hola Everyone,

So this week was back to normal. That Holy Week was really boring for us and we had no one to teach so this week its good to be teaching again. Tuesday we were out tracting with no success at all. That is hard sometimes. People just don’t want to be happy and be blessed I guess. It looks like I’m going to have to keep all these blessings for my self unless some one else says they want them. Right now all we have are Elders in our zone but no Sisters like my old area. The sisters were great. It was fun to have the sisters in our zone. I guess the president know better then us were the sisters need to be but maybe some people would open their door for them cause they are not doing it for us.

We have not done many trade offs lately and they seem to not happen very often here. It’s me and my comp only unless its me going to the store with one of the other elders in the house to buy food. I don’t really like trade offs that much anyway so I’ve been happy with the change. I understand that they can be important but it messes up all of the plans we have since the other Elder doesn’t know who this person is or what they need. I like things just to be as they are for me and our investigators.

So next week is Mother’s day and I get to Skype with you guys. I’m pretty excited. I can’t do it on actual mother’s day cause the internet cafe is closed and we don’t ant to pay on Sunday anyway. Monday through Wednesday are transfers, so it will be a bit crazy to get to the internet on those days. I hope either Thursday, Friday or Saturday of next week works. Let me know what you want and I’ll do that day and time.

Hearing about you guys serving at the temple lately has made me miss it a lot. The temple is in Bogota here so other than going when I was in the MTC I will not get to for the whole rest of my mission. It was so fun to have the youth walk in and see me in the font or in the confirmation room, and be surprised. I heard one group of youth say quietly “I thought only old people worked in the temple, this is weird.” I want to serve again when I get back. I really enjoyed serving the people on both sides of the veil for those few short months. It’s cool that everyone I worked with still asks how I’m doing.

So Mom, I know its your birthday on Thursday so how do you not know what you want to do? Kart Racing is always good. As for presents you have my permission to buy shoes even if I`m not there to approve them. Dad you need to do something nice for her birthday. I’m sure she thinks no one is going to step it up.

Oh and Dad, thanks for sending me the files for that music from the choir down at BYU that I got approved. I heard some at a members house and liked it. Its nice to get some new uplifting stuff to listen too. Only so much Mo Tab you can sometimes deal with.

Love you guys lots,

Dont Blink

This is our Zone with Elder Uceda.

I bought a coin holder last p-day cause it matched my bag I bought before.

Yes they do have Vespa’s down here, just not as cool as some of ours.

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