Monday, May 5, 2014

Teaching the Haka, Again

Hello Everyone,

First things first, I’m getting transferred tomorrow. I am still going to be in Medellin but just on the other side of the valley. I am sad and happy at the same time. Speaking of this, I do not know how I will be doing the Skype call. I will plan for 9 am on Saturday, Utah time and I will make sure I call you guys no matter what. Wishing Mom Happy Mother’s Day is important. The transfers will take 3 day because some times it takes a long time to travel from different areas that are far away. My transfer will only take like 3-4 hours tops so I’m lucky this time.

Well today is 5 de mayo, so I will in fact be buying some sort of taco to celebrate that holiday that they don’t even celebrate in Mexico (shocker right). 5 de mayo is not a holiday other then in the USA because Americans know that eating tacos at least once a year is important and you can take that to the bank. Actually it will just be a fun thing to do for p-day today other than pack up my stuff.

Some thing awesome that happened this week is that we taught our ward the haka. We came up with one and taught it to them for an activity on saturday. I am uploading a video but is is really heavy so I don’t know if it will make it. It was super fun to show them all the moves and the shouts. I got to be the leader and shout the loudest. I almost lost my voice the next day. It was like the guy from the Moulin Rouge after he sang the song Roxanne. I felt manly. I’m going to have to teach the young men when I get back how to do the Haka. because its awesome. If you don’t remember from my last mention of the Haka, they do it here for soccer teams to be intimidating. I must admit, I’m awesome at it!

Here is the link to see the video a member recorded:

We also had a baptism this week of Marlon Muñoz. He is the son of a recent convert named Liliana. I am super happy that I got to see him be baptized before I Ieft. I also got to be the one to confirm the aaronic priesthood on him. It was an amazing feeling that he chose me to be the one to give him the priesthood. Now we just need to work on his Dad so that the entire family can be members, and reap the blessings that comes from the church.

Just so all of you know, my origami skills are great and have improved a lot since coming on my mission. I had a paper plane building contest with the other Elders in our house the other day. Since we are on the second floor and on a hill we could throw the planes really far. Things get pretty heated when paper folding goes on in our house. It got pretty intense at the end.

Oh and a funny thing, on wednesday morning we went to get money from the ATM but the normal ATM didn’t work. so we had to walk like 20 min to the Exito, which is a super market like Walmart or Target. Afterwards we left for lunch, but it started to downpour so we had to take a cab. We got soaked any ways so the cab was unnecessary.

Well I look forward to talking to you guys on Saturday via Skype.


Our Baptism this week. His friend got to baptize him.

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