Monday, May 12, 2014

Transferred Across The Valley

Hola Everyone,

So since this weekend was Mother’s Day I got to Skype with my family on Saturday from the internet cafe. The members here do not have very good connections if they have one at all and usually have to pay for every minute they use so  thats why we are always emailing from a cafe. Also since we have to pay, doing it on Sunday couldn’t happen but it was nice to do before going the the two stake conferences we had. I’m sorry to say that once again I did not cry when you skyped with me. Although I think that it will be a different story for my last call on christmas this December. I don’t think I will cry but I think I might get really homesick (aka Trunky). It was really nice to see my family and Fargo. I know the connection was a little blurry but it was awesome just the same. It was good to be able to wish my Mom a happy mother’s day. It was a sweet idea of my Dad to give my Mom a spa certificate to get a massage. After all the stupid stuff that happens in the mission I would love to have a massage. Basically in my neck and shoulders. I know that I have huge knots that are never going to be taken care of in the mission. Sometimes stuff here just can stress ya.

The big news this week is that I did get transferred and moved to the opposite side of the valley that I was already in. It took about 1 1/2 hours by bus but not too bad compared to my other transfers before that took days. Our mission is pretty big. My new comp is Elder Marichi. He is from Peru. He lives in a city near the Amazon so he looks like one of the Inca so that is different. He seems to be normal although he has tried to sell me a lot of his stuff. He only has 3 months left in the mission so he is trying to get rid of the stuff he doesn’t want to take home and get some funds for souvenirs. Even though he has been out longer I am the senior companion for the first time. It does not seem that different than be ing jr. although I am the one that has to make sure that we are always doing something productive. Its kinda nice, but it means I have to be proactive.

I share my flat with another companionship which I really like. Its the best war to do it. The other companionship is great. They are Elder Rucker and Elder Roa, Elder Rucker was with me in Bogota at the MTC so its cool to be able to spend time with him again. He is a huge goof ball so its always fun in the house. Its also the first time I’ve been around someone who uses English as their main language so it cool and different to not always be speaking Spanish like I have for the past year. The view from the other side of the valley looks pretty much the same. Its just that I’m looking at my old area and seeing how huge it was. However sadly, the closest store is like two blocks away so its close but not like what we had before with it being basically as we walked out the door. This side of the valley dose have its perks though. Its still a huge mountain but its not as steep so its easier to walk around. 

I haven’t met all the members yet since we had stake conference. I have met the bishop and his family but they are not as awesome as the last family, but still are pretty great. I probably will like them just as much once I get to know them better. There is also a less active sister that is coming back to the church and her family is super cool. She has invited us to eat a steak dinner this Saturday. That should be awesome, because I miss steak. She has also given us a lot of contacts of her friends and family as referrals. She has given us so many its kind of crazy. The two different families seem  really interested in what we are teaching. Its pretty awesome.

I’m excited to get the packages you told me you just sent out and the new fun badges you have made for me. Its kind of sad I get a badge for getting stolen from though. Sheets, ties, sunglasses, socks, backpack, umbrella, maglight, just to name a few. The once was they stuck their arms through the bars on our windows and the other was that guy stealing our stuff from the clerks office at the church but most of the time its other missionaries, which I can’t understand. You are in the service of God and are stealing. No man can serve two masters. Its just sad. If they just would talk to me I might have just shared. The baptism pins are for happy things. I looked today and I have had 9 baptisms and we have a few more dates set for this month. We will see if they have the desire. I sure hope they do. I love seeing people get baptized after coming to a knowledge of the truth.

Love you guys lots, 

Here is my new flat. This is our kitchen. The ironing board is here because we didn’t
have any power and we were heating up the iron on the gas stove to fix our shirts.

This is the bathroom my comp and I share. The other companionship
has their own bathroom and own bedroom.

My Bedroom. I’m on the bottom this time.

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