Monday, May 19, 2014

Changing Lives

Hola Amigos,

I’ve been in my new area a full 2 weeks now and I can officially say it is really great! We really feel the support from the members. The food is a little better than my other area but pretty much the same, rice & beans& cucumbers. I did talk with the president of relief society though and told her that I can not eat tuna. I didn’t say I was a allergic, I just told her that my body rejects it and I get really sad if I eat it so she is going to tell all the sisters that I can’t eat it. That will be nice. I’m very tired of getting food poisoning from bad fish. I had an iron stomach back home but here not so much.

The new neighborhood is about the same. There are areas that are poorer but others that are nicer. One of the things is that in the nicer areas, the houses still look old and beat down but the inside they are all redone and look nice. The people are very much the same. Its been a nice change.

Today we have big plans for p-day. We are going to play pool with 2 or 3 zones here in Medellin. I also have plans to buy an umbrella, the rain jacket is just not cutting it but its hard to find a nice one that isn’t going to cost a huge amount. Almost all of the umbrellas here are from the street vendors and will brake in a month. I think I’m going to have to shell out and buy a nice umbrella. It will be worth it in the end to survive all this rain lately.

The best part of this week was getting to teach a sister that before she met the missionaries was a prostitute and I mean like for real. The missionaries found her like a month and a half ago and she wanted to change her life. Since then she has left her old life and is now studying to be an orthodontist. She just loves the gospel and says it has made a huge change in her life. She is uneasy about baptism since she has the fear that she will go back to her past life. We are going to help her see that if she has faith and the desire she will be able to over come all of that.

It was nice to hear the news from home. I can’t believe that Braden’s Spirit is finally running again. The color is awesome and I like Braden’s new helmet. It was also good to hear that Dad caved and that he is buying shoes now. I knew that Mom’s influence would overpower him some time.


Last week I finally found the soccer jersey I had been searching for.
It’s taken months but this is the team from the coast.

I bought a really thick leather belt this week. The special
one we bought for my mission was lost, stolen or borrowed

right before I left for my last transfer. Gotta keep my pants up.

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