Monday, May 26, 2014

Fixing The Apartment

Hey Everyone,

So this week has been a bit crazy with our apartment and with money. Its the best looking house that I have been in and feels more like a house then an apartment but we have had some problems with it lately. We are on the second floor and have a balcony over looking the main street. its nice since we can lower a bucket to the guy if we get take out brought to us but the window was broken with a huge crack and dangerous and we had to get that fixed. We have had a bunch of other stuff that needed repairs too. Our shower now has hot water, we had to buy a new water heater. All the showers here have a little water heater just for showering. We also got the toilet in the other bathroom fixed. It would never fill with water so we would have to fill it with a bucket or just not use it. We also got all of the sockets fixed so they are not hanging out of the walls. We also bought a new gas tank so we can cook/heat things up. All of these things are good that they finally got fixed but the 4 of us had to pay for all the repairs out of pocket and are supposed to be getting reimbursed through our Zone Leaders last week but no money yet. We all pooled our money to cover it and since they are being such slackers we have not even had money for food. I had to email my Dad on Thursday and ask for a small loan just so we could eat. This is the second time on my mission I have had to cover house stuff. Its not a very good system. I hope they pay us back soon. At least our place is nice now and I do like being really close to the church.

Teaching is going good lately. We are teaching 3 ladies from the coast so its fun to talk with them since me and my companion were in the coast. They always have questions and are eager to learn. They even invited us to eat lunch with them this up coming Sunday. They also invited the other two missionaries and the ward mission leader. They are just so awesome.

The best thing this week was getting to make chicken and waffles with purple drink. A sister wanted us to cook in her house so Elder Rucker and I made some soul food from the south because we are both from Utah so we are experts in soul food haha. Me and my comp, Elder Marichi are going to make it for a different sister this Friday. It should be good. I like it when I get a chance to cook.

Not much else this week. Well stay class Utah (or other parts of the world in which you way be living).


P.S. Thanks Dad for sending me those pictures your primary class drew about the plagues in Egypt. Not only were they good but they were funny too.

Graffiti by our house.

The awesome chicken and waffles I made.

View from our apartment.

The office finally released my mail again. My Easter cards were a bit late.

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