Monday, June 2, 2014

6 Good Things

Hola Everyone,

So first off, thanks for helping me out the middle of last week with money to go to the doctor. Elder Rucker really helped me out on this one, he showed a photo of my toes to Sister Pitarch (our mission presidents wife) and she was just so sad about my still messed up feet that she approved for me to go that very day. I was hoping that these new people would use pain meds or an injection because last time having someone dig out your toe nail without was a new level of pain I didn’t know existed. I am excited to report it was much better this time around. I got there and said I had two ingrown nails and they took me back to a room. When the doctor came in he looked at them and said they were really deep and asked if i wanted anesthetic. Um yeah, who doesn’t want to have anesthetic? So he gave me two shots, one in each toe, then cut the nail to the follicle so it will regrow right this time. Next a nurse came in and gave me a pedicure so that was a nice bonus. Now they are super smooth so it was a win win. I had a second appointment with them today, but I think they forgot that it was a holiday so they were not open. I will be calling them to get a appointment tomorrow in the morning and if I have any more problems Sister Pitarch said I can call her at any time to get permission to get any attention I need, she is awesome. I’m staying on top of it this time. All this walking and never having a car or bike is killing my feet. My feet feel so much better. Lesson learned, don’t be stupid and cut your toe nails wrong.

Other good news, I will be getting the money back today for all the house repairs I had to pay for several weeks ago. The problem was that it was near the end of the month so we were not prepared to be shelling out that kind of money so late in the month. We got more money from the mission on the 31st so we are good now. We have a meeting with our zone today so I will talk to them. We are going to do a zone activity too so I will have pictures of that as well next week and I will make sure to have me in them. I need to try harder at getting myself in some of the pictures, its just that I don’t like having pictures of my self, selfies just aren’t my thing. I feel vain taking them but I will just ask a elder to take the photo for me.

Sad news is that we were not able to cook with the sister on Friday. Some thing came up so she changed they day to this friday which is fine. We will just have to wait to eat more southern soul food again.

We had some fun things happen this week. First is we got to go to immigration office again. I have to change my address every time I am transferred. That wasn’t so fun, but the fun part is that Elder Cutler was there so I got to talk to him for a bit. He is just a great guy. Him and Elder Cox have become two of my best friends in the mission. I always look forward to the times we get to be together.

Another fun thing is we also started english classes in the ward. There is an english teacher in the ward that donates his time every Saturday. I am attending to help him out with questions that he or the members may have, about grammar, or how to say a word. It has been super fun helping out.

We are also going to start movie nights in the church. A member has like 80 videos of the church that we are going to show the members and our investigators. It should be great. We are going to make popcorn and just have a party and since they are movies about the church we can watch them as missionaries. Woooooo!

Last is that we are going to be playing a world cup here in the mission with baptisms being goals. We are also going to start playing against the other zones as well. I volunteered your services to design the jerseys, I hope your cool with that. We will have them made here, I just need the design from ya. I’m going to create a quick mock up and send it to you. I told them you get final creative say.

Well keep calm and carry on.


P.S. These happy socks you sent me in my last package are like magic foot coverings that bring joy in every step : )

I got my packages for May and June from the office this week. It’s the fastest they 
have ever gotten them to me. My loot is pretty awesome.

Our lunch canceled one day this week so instead of the usual cucumbers, beans and rice
 I got to make us sirloin steaks with mashed potatoes and grilled onions mixed in!

Here are all the badges I have earned so far from my Dad. The represent different stuff like first baptism, transfers and other cool stuff. They are on the inside of my suit jacket that I only wear to meetings. Yep, I’m pretty special.

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