Monday, June 9, 2014

P-Day at Parque Explora

Hey Everyone,

Well my toes are doing a lot better. I had a checkup on Tuesday and Friday of last week and I think I will be having the last one tomorrow. These guys are awesome, they didn’t even charge me for my last visit. I was talking with a member about what I paid and they said that it was super over priced but from what I have seen from their service, I am getting what I paid for. I know if i had just gone to the hospital they would of cut the nail and then just sent me home with out any check ups. These guys are super friendly and thorough plus there is a little cart outside the building that sells something called pancerote which is like calzones but deep fried. It is just delicious so I’m being treated well.

I still have not been able to cook again for that sister. We have moved it for the 20th of this month. She is just super busy all the time so on the 20th is when she is supposed to make us lunch but I will be making lunch for her instead. Its kinda lame but I will get over it.

Teaching is going really well right now. We have three scheduled for the 21st and 3 more on the 28th although one on  the 28th is a member that was excommunicated so it doesn’t count for the official mission numbers but I don’t care. We are helping him and his girlfriend to make these covenants with the lord so in my book it still counts.

The most interesting part of my week this time around was on Thursday when we taught a group of girls. We contacted one of them in a hair salon of a member and when we got there she had three of her friends over. One of them I had talked to before in the same hair salon. They seemed a little bit more interested at first in the me then the message but when I asked them if they knew why we were called the ``Mormons``they had no idea and became interested in what I had to say about the church. They had always thought that that was just the name of the church. We explained the Book of Mormon and every thing changed. They started asking questions about why did Mormons son Moroni burry the plates. We then read in the part of the introduction about when Moroni visited Joseph to tell them where they were hidden. Something seemed to click in their minds. They decided he hid the plates so we could have the Book of Mormon today and I told them that was right. It was as if the heavens opened up and poured understanding upon them. We wrapped up quickly and left them with the challenge to read the Book of Mormon. We only had one copy on us, so we said that they would have to share. Two of them asked if the next time we came by we could bring copies so that they could read it with out having to share. It was great. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so we will bring the extra books. I’m for sure bringing the member that was with us before. I don’t want to be any where near that house without another priesthood holder with us. They are just a little to friendly toward me.

Something fun that we did this week was got to go to the Parque Explora. It was just full of science goodness. They had a physics room, mind room and a cinematography room. It was super cool. They also have a planetarium next door but we did not have time to go in. I’m so going to go one of these days. Sadly my companion hated every minute of it. I guess science just isn’t his thing which is sadness.

I did in fact this week get my money back from the zone leaders from all our remodel and repair stuff we had to pay for out of pocket. I am also very happy that I have my own shower now. Me and my comp were sharing a tiny little shower with the other elders. Now we have a normal sized shower and hot water. I also place a mirror in the shower so I can shave. I hate shaving outside of the shower. It just takes so long and leaves my skin really raw but now I wont have that problem. : )

Well tata for now,

Elder Rucker has taught me how to make a house of cards so now I’m kind of addicted.

The rest of these pictures are from our trip to the Parque Explora. 
Here is a link to my video I made playing there:
This is where we live and the blue building on the top center is the chapel.

Neon Fish.

When I saw the arch at first it was disassembled and my first thought was challenge accepted.

I love these mirrors.

Sadly no one tried to save me…

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