Monday, June 16, 2014

Teaching English

Hello Everyone,

Well this week I was told that Braden will be getting engaged and wants to steal my car. Whats next? Is Taylor going to start watching sci fi movies with you as well. I’m going to make a petition and have people sign it, then send it to the president, this must be stopped. Well Taylor taking my sci fi move time has to be stopped, every else is just peachy. I’m excited for Braden and she seems cool but it will be a little bit weird to come home to a new family member but I can roll with it. Congrats Braden!

So my toes are doing a lot better this week. I am using a topical antibiotic twice a day and they are returning to normal. It still hurts when I jam it on stuff, but whose toes don`t? I’ll get you pictures next week so the swelling will be all but gone.

We have found some more new people to teach, its more girls from the hair salon I’ve been talking about. We have to be careful since they are kinda snakey. We are for sure going to have an adult with us every time we go and not just some one who is 18 or older, a real old person thats responsible. Their neighbor also whats to know more. He stopped and talked with us one day when we passed by. We have an appointment for them both Tuesday.

We also got sad news that the lady that had a date for this Saturday is going on vacation, so she will not be able to get baptized this week. She told us that she is for sure getting baptized the week she gets back. She told us “Clear your schedules because when I get back you guys are going to baptize me so be prepared.” I wanted to say I’m an Eagle Scout, I’m always prepared but she wouldn’t get the joke so I restrained my self.

Well for Breakfast this week I think dad is going to be jealous. I have been drinking Milo. I was debating on telling you guys, well mainly Dad that they had Milo down here but ya they have it and its great. I know its one of his favorites from his mission.

Well the best part of my week was on Saturday. I got to the church and the youth tell me that the English teacher had not arrived yet. All of a sudden I get a call from him saying that he will be unable to attend so who taught the eEnglish class? This guy! We just did a recap of the lesson from last week since hardly any were there. I also taught them how to share their testimonies. It was super cool.

Oh and Thanks Dad for designing those soccer jerseys for us. Everyone loved them. The zone leaders were kinda dumb, they said that I needed to have it ASAP but now they tell me they are going to wait until next Monday to get the process started because Tuesday is transfers. Silly people not thinking ahead.

Also I have been having problems with my companion being motivated. I am the senior comp but he only has 2 months to go and is starting to get a bit trunky but I remembered the advice that you gave me when I was in the coast. “Do what he wants to do for part of the day (with in reason), then for the rest of the day we get to work. It seems to be helping me and we are still able to do all the work that is important.

Well that is all of my adventures for this week, until next week.


Here is my haul from last weeks p-day. 

I gave in and finally bought a Dr. Pepper.

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