Monday, February 17, 2014

Transferred to Medellin

Hey Everyone,

So yep, I got transferred. I am now in MEDELLIN, the big city for my mission and where the mission home is. The weather is so great. It can get a little hot but not that bad. It really is the land of eternal spring in Colombia here. My New companion is Elder Benitez. What’s funny is he was my zone leader on the coast. He is really cool. He is from Mexico, but he speaks English. We hardly ever use English but its nice to know that he can help me out. He also loves video games, its super sweet. We talk about all the stuff thats going on with the consoles and games that are coming out from the news we hear from members. 

The bus trip was great, so much better than the throw up event on the way down. I took drugs to make sure I didn’t get sick, so that was a fun bonus. On the way to Medellin we watched an awesome movie on the bus name ´´My name is Khan´´. Its about a guy that is muslim who was living in the United States when the twin towers were hit. I believe it is based on a true story. It was awesome to watch. You should look it up on netflix.

I am loving the city. One of the best parts so far is I can now buy Dr. Pepper. It’s a long bus ride to get to the store that sells it but it is going to be so worth it and its in my area. I’m hoping I will be able to buy one today for p-day. I miss it so.

So I still have not received my packages and I have been informed that I can not go to the office to get them even though it is in my area now so i will have to wait till March to get them :´( its just so sad. My birthday presents and Valentines packages are still being held against their will.

Since I have been approaching my year mark I have been thinking about if I want you to make plans for a trip to pick me up or not. So far that would be a no. There is not much here that would be worth doing. A trip to some awesome beach or cruise with good food and relaxing would be a lot better. You guys would also no like not being able to talk with people. Its not like Europe where a lot of people speak English. I would have to translate every thing for you guys. So no, I don’t think a Colombia trip is what I want.

Nice pics of the scooter work Dad. If you are not going to paint the rally like that cool racing design you have then I think you should buy me one when I get back and I will chose that design for myself. So I’m now calling dips, so you cant do that now. :P You bought Braden one so you know I need one all to myself. Fun side note, now that I am in Medellin I’m seeing a lot of Vespas in the street. Well not a lot but a enough for me to notice. They are newer Vespas then the ones you have but still old. They have a round speedos and a raised ´´nose´´ down the front. Maybe you know what year there are.

Love you all,

Saying goodbye to the Gomez family (left to right: Geronimo, Xemena, Tanya, Jorge) 
These guys we awesome I’m going to miss them. This was the family that washed our clothes each week.

All packed and ready for Medellin.

We stopped for lunch so i thought i should take the Meyers artistic photo.

One of my Zone leaders got transferred and took a nap in the bus. Had to snap a picture.

The view from new apartment in Robledo, Medellin.

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