Monday, July 14, 2014

Searching For People to Teach

Hola Amigos,

So this week we are trying to work with the less active members in the ward to get them re-activated. Lots of the time they have a friend with them so we then get to teach them too. Sunday we had a family night with some members and they gave us 16 names to work with but half of them are for another zone. It’s still 8 people that they plan on helping us with. It was awesome, I love this family. Their daughter is one of the ward missionaries here, its really cool. We need all the help we can get from members because tracking does not always go so well. Everyone here just tells us ``I’m Catholic´´ and shuts the door. We have better success talking with people on the street than knocking on doors. Its a more open conversation when we talk on the street and we can weave the gospel into what were are saying where as at the door you can’t be subtle. You have to be direct.

Something interesting that happened this week on Sunday was we showed up at the church for a meeting with the ward mission leader. Once we got there he called to say he needed to cancel. There was a member there already giving a class so we decided to listen to what he was teaching. He said something that blew my mind. He told them FIFA (federation of international football association) was a type of antiChrist. Now I know what your thinking, calm down. He explained that more people in the world care about Soccer than god, and that these players become a type of idol or false good in which takes up all of our time. He said any thing that takes priority over good is an idol, and that FIFA isn’t evil, it just does a really good job at directing the thoughts of the people away from God. Pretty cool way to relate that idea to something people here really get into.

Well the World Cup was this past week and it wasn’t so bad. Since Colombia ended up not playing no one was watching it in bars or on the street. It was just people in their houses. We ate lunch though most of it then. We still stayed in the house a little since no one was going to open their door and the president did not want us out during it but I was happy when we finally got to go out and start working again.

P-day today is going to be pretty lame. I’m just going to go chill in our apartment since I’m broke until the office gets it together to send the money to our accounts. We are going to play soccer with the other zone for a bit. It isn’t a competition, just playing for fun. My companion woke we up at 5:30 in the morning so we could get ready. I guess he is excited.

Ok, now I’m going to vent a bit. Here in the ward we have activities we planed to visit less active members. We had to basically beg for the members to come to help us out. Just so lame. I don’t get why sometimes they just don’t want to help. Topping things off is my companion is super trunky. He has lost almost all desire to leave the house unless its to eat or play soccer. Being senior companion just isn’t fun sometimes. Also since I have no money what so ever because the money from the mission hasn’t come, I am screwed out of a pday. The financial secretary in the office didn’t sign the papers the day he needed to so the money for the month is going to arrive late. I don’t know when it will get here. I’m just hooping its soon so i don’t have to suffer for days with no money waiting for the office to get things organized. Ok, I’m done now. Most of the time its all good but right now I’m a bit frustrated. It will be fine. 

Love you all,

P.S. I have barely enough money to email so there will be no pictures this week. Sorry everyone.

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