Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Medellin Mission World Cup

Hey Everyone,

So this week was pretty great. Since we had to drop every one of our investigators since none of them were willing to commit, we had to find new people. Slowly we are finding new people. Right now we have two people that are solid. Also good news, the sister with the baptism date that was on vacation got home early. We are going to plan with her what day is the best to have her baptism. Its scary sometimes to have to find new people but I also like it cause we are gathering more.

We even had to drop those girls at the salon which I’m not to sad about. They didn’t want to listen to us any more. After they learned that I was there to teach the gospel and not to find a lady friend they bailed. I thought it was super funny. I have been having problems with girls hitting on me because of my pastey white skin and almost always its girls that are a little lacking on the morals side. More of the time its just an annoyance. They just don’t get it. I think they appreciate my awesomeness to much.

Sadly this week, I did get to do any thing on the 4th. Colombia was playing in the World Cup so we had to stay inside. My plan was to grill up some steaks, but I ran out of money from unexpected things I needed to pay so no steaks. I even had my DIY grill ready to go, its a baking sheet with a cooling rack placed of the top. Its so ghetto but  I love it. Maybe for the 24th.

So today for p-day we had our Medellin Mission World Cup. Our zone won the first round but lost the second because my companion and another elder in our zone were not playing like they should. They just slacked off the whole game. I understand if we lost because the other team is better, but when we don’t play our best because others are just being stupid it just sucks. I did have lots of fun though. The zone learned that I really do play soccer. I just never played before with them so that others could have the chance. They saw I had skills.

I actually got to do service this week. A sister asked if i could look at her sewing machine because it didn’t work. I told her I would be happy to help her out. Turns out that the connection point of the power outlet was bad so I told her what was going on and I went and bought the parts myself since she didn’t have the money to do so. I fixed it all up for her and now it works like new. I also sewed a few things since I had the machine in the house. I fixed some things for my companion as a birthday present to him (it was on the 5th).

I’m glad that Dad keeps buying new shop and showing them to this suffering boy in Colombia. Every time he buys stuff its like, hey I need that for my missionary house. I have really come to love and miss the tools we have back home. Countless times I have been fixing something and boom, I don’t have the tool to do that and I think well if I was at home I know exactly were to find that bad boy in the shop. It’s so cruel.

Well hope I hope everything goes well in gringoland this week. I’m sorry that I haven’t sent pictures a lot lately. I put up lots this week.


P.S. I sent photos to you or the cardboard cutouts for the wedding. There are two different poses. You can choose which is better.

Our Official Medellin Mission World Cup

Fixing The Sewing Machine

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