Monday, August 4, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

Hello friends of the best missionary that is currently serving from the Meyers family,

So my comp is doing better. I think the Greenie in the house is going to keep him on his best behavior. I have had to crackdown on a lot of stuff. He just doesn’t understand the mission like he should but he will be good. The president has given me permission to drag him in the street if I have to so thats nice. I give the president a report every week on how he is doing, so he knows if there are problems. I can do it, I can last one more transfer and maybe I will be able to change him and help him end strong.

The new guys in our apartment are pretty sweet. The senior comp is Elder Caté and his hijito (son) is Elder Rojas. Elder Caté is from Guatemala, he is going to end his mission with elder Marichi. However he his really focused on training the new guy so he is going to be a great help. Elder Rojas is from Bogota. He served in the army for a year before he came on his mission. From what iI have seen he is super great. He has a great spirit about him and I know he is going to do a lot of good in his mission. 

So Friday was an interesting and fun day. We were on exchanges and we went to Brother Correa´s house to drop off the booklet I made, he had asked for a copy. What was planed to be a short visit became 2 1/2 - 3 hours. We were talking about how Sister Didma was doing and how we could help her out. Then he showed me his latest project. He is taking all of the teachings out of the Book of Mormon and putting them into a book. Its pretty cool, he has found all of the teachings that are found from Nephi to Jacob thus far. He plans to go through the whole book. Then his wife gave us ice cream (awesome). Then we talked about the early church and how people had to have their faith tested a lot more then now a days, that a lot people have become relaxed since they have not had to exercise their spiritual muscles so when the problems come they are week and struggle. Afterwards his wife said she made us dinner. She made a whole mess of pancakes. Normally I don’t like pancakes but she had me put cream cheese on them, and MAN those things are delicious. It was a salty sweet combination in my mouth, just goodness. Try it, you will thank me.

So with everyone writing me about the wedding planning going on I have heard a lot about Taylor and I think I’m going to like her. She seems pretty cool and if she can put up with our family and our craziness, then its meant to be. Its like Garth said `` If you blow chunks and she comes back, she's yours. If you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be.´´ It could be said with our family as well.

I loved hearing about Dad and Lydia’s backpack overnighter. That is sweet that Bean kicked your butt. She was telling me that she had loved her weight training class, and that she was feeling ripped lately. Sadly, I think Bean could beat me as well. My legs are toned and strong but I just never seem to get much definition bit I can usually surprise most people with my hidden awesome strength. I think its in the DNA. My thought is that the last three months or so of my mission I will go to the gym in the mornings as part of our exercise stuff but until then I’m content with super great legs.

So I got some bad news. Two members of my ward were talking to the mission doctor and they talked about how I had a big bag that weighs a lot and they just thought I was caring to much around and I was going to hurt myself. He did not like that one bit. He told them that I need to call him. So when I told him about the bag he gave me two options: get a new bag or he would have to call the president and make me come in for a physical. I really don’t want to have to go to the doctor so I’m going to need to buy a smaller bag. That means I’m going to have to take you guys up on the offer that you gave me of a new one when my backpack got stolen last year. I’m going to need some money to buy a decent bag. It would be about 120,000 pesos or something that won’t break down before I leave. They don’t sell simple bags here. Its either cheap or it’s expensive. Sorry and thanks.

Well, I hope everyone just has a jam-packed week full of explosions of joy. Until next time this is Me signing off.


P.S. The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour. I have not yet completed my research on African Swallows, however when I do I will inform you posthaste.

These are the booklets I made. They were once pretty common but the discontinued them in Spanish in the 80’s.

My latest purchase for all the stuff that keeps breaking at our flat, a 31 piece screwdriver set. It’s helped a lot.

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