Monday, October 20, 2014

Food & Paperwork

Hey All,

Thanks to everyone that sent me details about Braden & Taylor’s Wedding. It was really weird not being there but I’m glad it went well and they are happy. The mini video of the day that Dad sent me was awesome. Its still weird to think that he is married. Everyone is leaving, it's a weird feeling to know that life moves on while I’m not there. Braden and Taylor are married and Lydia has a guy she is dating and will probably wait for her on her mission. I’m the only one single, well I guess for my mission I can be like a nun and be married to the Church. I’m busy enough to feel that way. My last few p-days have been spent on the internet almost all day since I have to fill out all the forms for the district online. It's an excel file that has 6-7 pages that I have to fill out every week with all the info of the other areas in my district. I confirmed it this week, my district is the largest in the mission other then the office but they don’t really work in the field so I have mountains of stuff to fill out. I also need to wash my clothes so it hasn't been that fun on p-days lately but I'm getting the hang of filling everything out so I will be able to do it faster now.

As for me it's walking, busses and paper work and teaching. The busses are nice here, a few years back they created a Metro System of busses so everything is nicely connected. It costs 1,700 pesos to use the bus which isn't that bad but we use them a lot since we live in the middle of the nada so it adds up quick. We have to use the buses to go to more then half our lunches since no members live in our area. As for walking, thats all we do really. After we get back to our area its all on foot. Our area is just one super long street that has little off shoots so that means walking is out the wazzo.

Best part of this week was that an investigator (Loira) told us that a lady that lived in front of her house was a less active member. We contacted her after the lesson. When we came back she wasn't there but her daughters were. We explained who we are and what we do. We have been able to teach all of them twice now and they all have a baptismal date for the 29th of November. It is awesome. Especially because the Zone Leaders wanted us to start focusing on families and the lord guided us to this family. 

Wednesday this week I scored at the grocery store. We don’t have very many options and it always the same old stuff no matter where we go but this week I found some cheese. It was gruyere cheese and it was so good. I eat it with crackers for snacks at night. I'm happy that Colombia is finally coming to their senses about good cheese.

Also the sister that was supposed to feed us lunch on Saturday forgot so after the baptism we had the other elders ordered a pizza from Domino´s. We had to have them bring it to the church since they don’t do deliveries to where we live. The best part was they have the 30 min or less guarantee and they took 40 min to get to the church so it was FREE. It was a good day.

So that was my week. I’m glad we just shared this time together, until next week my compadres.


P.S.I’m not interested in moving into Braden’s old room even thought the closet is bigger. I like my room cause its next to the bathroom and thats a nice luxury.

P.S.S. The mouse we thought we killed didn’t die. It just became stronger. We also bought a trap and he has stolen the food without setting it off. I think he escaped from the same lab as the Rats of NIMH.

P.S.S.S. Can someone tell me about where Braden and Taylor went on their honeymoon. With all the stuff people wrote me I did not hear about that at all.

Food of Colombia - Dominos Pizza

The giant dog I made for dinner one night.

Lunch canceled so we made sandwiches on french bread.

It comes in 3L, I’m getting one.

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