Monday, October 6, 2014

Loving General Conference

Hey Everyone,

So first off my comp is now totally fine. He got a clean bill of heath Friday night so that means now more Dengue WOOOOOOOO! We can now teach and preach and work as missionaries do. As for the president I’m not sure if he knows that we had to save his life. He knows he went to the hospital but not that he was super dehydrated, or he may know. I don’t know for sure. Just glad he is doing ok now.

I have been able to meet quite a few of the members, although almost all of them live in the other area. We have to take a bus ride almost everyday to go to lunch since they live in the town next door. I am currently in a branch right now. We had about 45 people come last week. Its super small, however all of the people are super helpful. While my comp was sick the mission leader went and visited a few of the people we have been teaching. It was great to see them helping us out. They were really worried about him.

My new area is good. It’s fairly big but its basically a really long dirt road that goes on forever, so it's not like we can get lost. It has a few paved roads but most of them are dirt and it is indeed super freaken’ hot all the time. It’s around 95-100 everyday. However the good news is I’m getting tan again. 

This week were able to teach but only two lessons. It was to a sister that they had been teaching before in the area but lost contact. We found her one night when we went to buy hamburgers, now I have to ask, was it hunger or inspiration that led us to buy food. That my friends is a good question. She is great. We were able to invite her to baptism last night and she accepted a date for the 8th of November. I’m excited that she has the desire to learn.

The best part of the week had to be General Conference. It was so awesome! My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf´s from priesthood, Elder Eyring´s from Sunday morning and Bednar’s from Sunday afternoon. However all of conference was awesome. Tears were flowing many a times. The spirit was super strong. I’m really sad that this will be my last conference in the mission. I have enjoyed the spiritual insights I have received. I loved how I was thinking I wish they would talk about this or that for the people we are teaching and then boom, Elder Uchtdorf comes in and (with love) cuts our or at least my, head off. So awesome. I also loved Elder Eyrings talk. I can believe how emotional he got. I always loved his talks for the quiver in his voice, but wow, he almost cried this time. I really felt the spirit. That talk is one of the biggest example of why I tell people that hearing a talk in the language it was given is the best. All that  raw emotion can be felt and the spirit flow freely. So right after I’m saying that what happens? Another boom! People giving talks in their native language at conference! I thought the talks in different language was super cool. We even watched the two in Spanish in Spanish. The rest were in English with subtitles although from the bits and pieces I heard from the gap in translation I could understand a lot of the guy from Brazil in Portuguese. It is super similar to spanish. 

Speaking of Spanish, it’s going to be great to be able to talk with Beanakins  (aka Lydia) in Spanish when she gets back from her mission. Although I don’t think I’m going to like her accent. It will be super different then mine. So excited she is going to serve the Lord and that I will get to see her in the MTC before she leaves.

Also something cool happened when I opened my email. An elder that is going to go to the Colombia Medellin mission was searching for "Good Missionary Bags for Colombia´´ in google and found my blog so he wrote me and asked what I think he should buy. It was cool. He is from Southwest Wyoming and is leaving this October for the MTC. I felt super cool being able to help someone that is going to be a member of my mission family, and who knows, I may end up training him. Only time will tell.

Well, thats all for this week. Sorry there are no pictures, we didn’t do anything so I have nothing to show.

Love you all lots.


P.S. I’m not so sure about Mom’s quote of the week.
"Relax, we're all crazy, it's not a competition."
I’m pretty sure I am winning the crazy competition.

Oh and ya, I sent the link to the write up on Dad’s motorcycle for that online magazine to Elder Cutler. I now he will hate me for it and be so jealous but i think he will love the article

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