Monday, November 10, 2014

Not Much Happening

Hey Everyone,

My district is doing well this week and all is back to normal. No one had been sick or had problems. No one had to go to the doctor and yes, the president knows what has been going on. I chatted with him a little to let him know what was happening. He was really cool about it all. It was nice to not have any emergencies this week or have to take care of sickos not that I minded helping. Even my toes are doing good again. I missed my last doctor appointment because of my emergency transfer but I’m making sure that the nail is coming in nicely. They are not going to be a problem any more. I’m going to make sure that I don’t ever cut them wrong again.

Well, for p-days in my  area it has been over a month now and we still do not have a lot of time to do anything on our p-days. We basically wash our clothes and write. We don’t have that much time or money to be doing anything else. We have to take a bus every day to go to lunch since there are almost no members in our area so we never had any walking around money. I talked with the Zone leaders and the office and they are going to give us a little bit more money every 15 days so we don’t end up with nothing in the middle of the week. So that is going to be nice. Maybe we will finally get to do something fun after all our hard work.

Well, something funny that happened this week was Elder Conti and I were doing mad libs and it was great. We had done them before but this time they turned out super funny. I took a photo of the funniest one. It was the cherry on top of the night.

Sadly flickr is wack today so I can’t upload the pictures from the past few weeks. I even remembered my camera this time so I could and bupkis, nothing. I’m really sorry.

I’m sorry this weeks letter is short, not much happened.



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