Monday, November 17, 2014

Super Gringo Power

Hello My Amigos,

This week has been pretty productive. We are still teaching the Zuñiga family but we were able to find some new people this too. Tuesday, the AP’s came to the coast and they and one of my ZL’s spent the day with me. (Elder Conti was with the other ZL).It was pretty awesome. My comp went off to teach with the other ZL and I got to be with Elder Atwood from my original group. We were able to contact a bunch of people since we were three white kids together so we had super Gringo Power. We found a family that was excited to hear us. We went into an area  that we don’t normally work that was pretty far away. It turned out to be great since no one from any other church goes out there. It was awesome and they enjoyed the visit and learned from what we taught.

Thursday was not as good. We lost power in half of our house so we had to pull the mattress out from our bedroom into the main room so we could use our fans for the heat. We have slept on the floor for the past 4 nights now. We are hoping that the power comes back in the other half of the house soon. We are having to use candles in the bathroom at night so we can have some light. It still is not back on and is pretty much a problem we don’t know how to get fixed.

I still have not done organized any big trade off for my district but I did accompany some sisters on Friday with my Comp. I can’t do trade offs with the sisters but I can accompany them with my comp for 4 hours. They also made the best of our company and had us talk to a recent convert about going on a mission. I talked about all the blessings that he could bring to lives of others and shared the story of one of my ancestors, Thomas Roberts Higham, and how because of him our family five generations back came to know the gospel. I think he might go.

We are also having a big activity today for p-day since it is a holiday and nothing is open. We are coming to some sort of water sports that the sister are putting together. I will be sure to take photos to send to you guys next week. It should be fun. We have not done anything like that in awhile with all the reports I usually have to do so I’m pretty excited.

Well, I love you guys so much, here is wishing you all a great week.


P.S. With Thanksgiving coming up I just realized that I will not be able to get Dad the surprise I was hoping for since I got transferred. I was going to take my comp to the Hard Rock Cafe in Medellin to celebrate and get Dad a pin but that is now a no go. Sad day (  ._.)

Birthday Party after our District Meeting for Sister Canas

Action Shot of the Super Mega Dog I Had

We Have Had Tons Of Rain

I got my trunk letter (aka mission release questions) so I put 
on some civilian clothes and took a picture. I changed right after, it felt weird.
No release date yet though.

My Wedding Invite & Halloween Cards Finally Came

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