Monday, November 24, 2014

The Powers Back On

Hola Amigos,

So I have really been loving my district lately. The people I work with are just awesome. I have 10 missionaries in my district, six elders and four sisters. What is funny is that my district has all the leaders of the zone, the Zone leaders and the leader of the sisters, and I so almost half of the missionaries are leaders. As for the size of my area I have included images. Everything in the image is my area. I don’t cover Cerete where I was before since it is a different district. Transfers are next week on the 2nd of December. I don’t know if I’m going to stay here or not. Not that I hate the coast but I just wanted to end in Medellin. If I end in the coast I’m going to die when I get home. A change from 100 degrees to 30 I think would send a huge shock to my system. I do want to be here for at least one more transfer if I can to see the Zuñiga family be baptized. They are just such a cool family and I just hope I get to see them become official.

So we had major celebrating here on Tuesday. We were finally able to fix the problem in our house that made half of it have no electricity. The family that comes to inspect the house helped us out with that. We now have full power and don’t have to sleep on the floor. WOOOOOOO! They also unclogged our sink so we can use that now as well, its awesome. We now have no more problems in the house.

So Thanksgiving is this week and I’m pretty excited. My parents sent some funds to me and I plan to celebrate Thanksgiving by just eating a huge amount or at least trying to. I’m thinking I will buy Elder Conti and big, huge pizzas and then slip into food comas. I thought that would a good idea. Maybe some soda and desserts too. It should be super fun. I will be sure to take lots of photos.

I’m sorry my car has been causing so many problems lately for you guys and Lydia. Subaru’s normally work nicely, but I guess that its just got so many miles that everything is failing at the same time. Be nice to her, I miss my car.

So lately I have really been enjoying listening to Michael Wilcox. He has a way to explain things like no other. I have used his talks to teach investigators. I have also used his talks as basis for my district meetings. I can only teach a small portion of what he shares but I love his stuff. I am able to take what he teaches and change it slightly for the needs of the district. I am super happy that I have those talks.

Well, I’m sorry once again that I have no photos again this week. I left my bag with my sport clothes and my camera in the church this week. The zone leaders were nice and picked it up for me but I had to wait until Saturday to pick it up so no photos :,( I really am trying to do better.

Thats all for this week my brave little toasters. Until next week.



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