Monday, December 1, 2014

A Pizza Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone,

So this week was Thanksgiving and even though it's not a Colombian holiday I still had to celebrate. My parents were awesome and sent me some funds for my comp and me to celebrate. We ate dominos pizza with cheesy bread. It was super great and with the extra money I bought an awesome hat. We had lunch, dinner and breakfast then dinner again with all our pizza. It was awesome and a great use of my money I think.

Transfers were also this week and I’m staying here. No one in my district is leaving either. I think I might just die here. If so that will mean that half the mission was spent in the coast. I am excited to see my family that we taught get baptized but I was ready to see new places too. Oh, well.

Saturday this week might have been the best day. The zone leaders got back from Medellin (no Dr. pepper slackers) and shared with us the new “plan” of the mission. It’s a bunch of different things we have to do this month so we can stay busy. The main thing is He is the Gift which is a cool thing that the church is doing this year for christmas. They are even going to have an announcement in Times Square in New York for all of December. Its super sweet. All of you should check it out.

As far as my plans go for when I get back I still am not sure. I have been prompted that science is just not the thing for me so I’m unsure now. I for sure need to talk to my Aunt Teresa to help me with her test to see what I should do. She is a placement pro. I’m also not sure where I will be going to school, BYUI or the U. The U, got messed up and thinks I’m coming back in the summer. The lady that helped me with that when I left was really cranky so I’m not sure if that will be a problem or not cause I don’t want to start until fall. I will have plenty of time to get things settled once I’m home though so it's not on my mind much now. The only thing I do know is that I’m all in for a trip with my family in the summer. Thats a no brainer.

Well, today we are going to do something extra cool. We are going to play in the snow... I’m going to tell you how next week so you will just have to wait and tune in next time.

Love your faces, hope you have a great week.


My November Package Arrived!

Our Pizza Dinner of Champions for Thanksgiving.

We don’t have a microwave so we reheat in the frying pan.

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