Monday, December 15, 2014

Mission Christmas Party

Hi Everyone,

 So first of, I talked with Sister Pitarch in the office about my Christmas package. It should be in the office. I had to send a page with my signature and my finger print on it so they could reclaim it. She said that if it is there she will have it sent to the zone leaders so I can have it before christmas, don’t worry. Also I think that the best plan would be to not send me any more packages. I don’t think a January birthday package would make it in time. Just send money so I can buy fun stuff that I want to bring home and that would be good. I can’t believe I’m already talking about coming home. Everything is getting so weird thinking back that my last memories of Christmas are from the mission and that next year I will be home for the holidays. I’m just glad that I have one last Christmas in the mission to be able to bring the spirit of Christ to the lives of the people of Colombia.

So this week we had our mission Christmas party. It was with the president and his wife for all of the coast. It was super fun. He started off with the spiritual and then we had the hakas and a talent show. Our district made a mission version of the story of Mr Scrooge. I was Elder Scrooge being a mean nasty zone leader, then I changed for the better. I would send you the video but its all in Spanish and you guys would not be able to understand. We also did a gift exchange at dinner. I got a sweet hat, that looks like Indiana Jones´s but its made from palm leaves. The haka we did was also super sweet. We yelled Moses 1:39 in Tongan. It was super cool. The president´s face afterwards was shocked since normally everyone just yells in Spanish. It also could be that he was shocked that I yelled at the very end “who are we” super loud.

Hearing about Dad getting stuck in the snow trying to take a picture for the base of our Christmas card made me miss the cold. I cant believe he got stuck in the snow. That happened to me once in the forester. I took out the jack and lifted the front of the car and put compacted snow under the tires to get a little bit of traction. I also put the rubber mats behind the rear wheels. It was a fun time.

As to the Christmas card. It looks great. I love how you just pasted a photo of me inside. Speaking of which,I still have the photo from last year saved in my camera. Its great when every one asks what the heck I’m doing lying on the ground.

Oh and I asked Mom what she wanted for Christmas and only asked me to bring home a Colombian nativity set. There is lots of stuff I still want to get to bring back. Don’t worry about me not having enough space. I’m planing on getting rid of a lot of what I have in my bags right now, by giving it away or trashing it if its super worn out. All this mission clothes does not need to come home when people here can use it.

Well, hope you all have a great week.


Pictures from our snow adventure last week.
Sadly the trees were fake.
Also a link to video the snow people took of me:

I volunteered to design our zones Christmas shirt this year.

My gift from our mission president. It's a notebook.

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