Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Christmas

Hola Everyone,

To start of I am so excited to Skype on Christmas. Plan on 10:30 Christmas morning so I can do it super easy. I won’t be really doing all that much that day so this will be big. 
Also, no news on where the package is. Last year it did come till like two days before Christmas, so we will see how everything plays out with that. At least we have members that are going to take care of us that day. I will be going to Monteria and spending it with the members of the district there. The sister already made plans for us to be there so thats nice. No one from our branch invited us to do anything so I’m happy the members in the ward in Monteria are nice enough to let us spend it with them.

We have not had a big exit on all of our members and investigators like last year but I am still worried about them. In December it seems like investigators and members “forget” about the word of wisdom and go to party and drink. We haven’t seen much of it yet but with Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and New Years coming up I don’t know how the cards will fall. Iy can be a big problem here if the members don't stay strong. I love my area but we for sure have work to do. Its crazy to be spending my last Christmas in Colombia on the coast. It’s weird to not have cold weather for the holidays like I have always been used to.

As for today, we are going to have a Zone Christmas Party. We are going to have a BBQ for lunch then order pizza for dinner and watch some sort of church christmas movie afterwards. We are also going to do a Gift exchange after lunch for all of the Zone. I am excited for us to feel more of the Christmas spirit. I’ll take photos so you all can join in on the fun times.

Chat with ya Thursday. Have a great week!


P.S. I’m thinking Dad needs to help me build a cafe racer when I get home. His is pretty sweet. I know that the bike won’t have all the toys like his, but I know that it will look awesome with his sweet skills in design and motor work.

Our Christmas tree with a tape Angel Moroni on top.

The reign of Señor Mustachio the Christmas ornament continues.

My shoes are dying again, its been a hard to years for them but
I have fixed them with tape, super glue and silicone.
Hopefully they last just a bit more.

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