Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Season

Hola Amigos,

Well, the big snow party last week was awesome. Sadly my camera did not make it into my bag so I have no photos right now. However, I can explain it. They had basically a big storage container cooled down to 5°-15° F so they could have snow on the inside. They gave us all coats and gloves because it was super cold. I didn’t mind the cold at all. Other Elders and Sisters were dying because of cold. It was super funny. Sadly the snow was super compacted so I couldn’t make snow balls or even a snow angel. It was super awesome to show Elder Conti Snow. He had never seen it in his life so that was cool. It was one of the coolest activities so far.

This week we are also having another activity. It’s going to be our christmas party and dinner with the president this week. We are going to do another Haka this year. This time I took control and planed it out. We are going to be yelling/screaming Moses 1:39 In togan so it is going to be a real Haka and not a stupid Spanish version. It's going to be the best. I was also chosen to be the leader of the Haka since the said that I was the one yelling the loudest so that will be fun. I’ll be sure to take a video to show everyone. I’ll also be sure to take a photo of the big cut of meat I'm going to eat.

So as far as my release date goes I still don’t have it. Hopefully by next transfer. Everyone here seems to get it the last 2-3 months of their mission even though other missions seem to find out sooner. I guess it's so the Elders don't get all trunky. As soon as I know you will know.

Well, the best part of the week was being able to start giving out the He is the gift cards to people. We were with Elder Rucker this week helping out since his comp ended his mission and had no one to companion him. We went to a super posh neighborhood and we found a family that was willing to listen. I asked if they had a tablet and the daughter brought her tablet out. We were able to watch the video on the doorstep. It was so cool. They accepted a second visit for this week. Sadly, I will not be there since it’s not my area.

It’s been awesome getting the Christmas season going this month. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Love you all.



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