Thursday, March 7, 2013

They Finally Arrived!!! Travel Papers Are Here.

Alec’s original mission call stated that he would be reporting to the MTC in Bogota on March 13th but as that day got closer and closer and we had not received his travel plans all of us started to get a bit worried. Several calls to the Missionary Travel did nothing to soothe our fears. He was told that Colombia would only issue his visa for exactly two years. It was not hard to get but they wanted to wait to the last minute to apply for it to give him as close to 2 years on his mission as possible. We were told not to worry, that he would have his passport and plane tickets fedex’d to him over night 7-10 days before his reporting date. The morning of day 7 dawned and still no travel papers. Missionary Travel said he might still get it in time to report straight to Colombia but he needed to start preparing himself that he might be switched to reporting to the Provo MTC at the last minute. Needless to say, all of us were not happy about a change. Alec really wanted to jump in to his real mission as soon as possible. The next day we had an early morning doorbell ring and Alec jumped up and ran downstairs. IT WAS HERE!!! He had his passport and tickets to fly to Bogota in 5 days, Tuesday the 12th. What a relief. Now to try and get some Colombian pesos for him before he leaves. 

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