Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life In The MTC

Hey Amigos,

So it’s been 2 weeks at the MTC and its going good. A typical day starts around 6:30 am. We get up and exercise for 1 hour then at 8 we eat breakfast. From 8.30 to 12 is class. 12 is lunch. Then from 1 to 5 its more class. Classes are language and how to teach. At 5 is dinner and after that its personal study or study TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning). It is a program created by the church to teach missionaries. Then from 9:30 to 10:30 we get ready for bed. Lights out is at 10:30. It’s not too bad. The spanish is awesome here. 2 weeks here is like 1 year in school back home.

We do service every week but it is mostly within the walls of the MTC. The whole place has a high fence around it. Sometimes they open the gate and you get to rake leaves or trash near this catholic school/church. Its not much but its great to be out side the gated compound for that short amount of time. Church is even in the same building where we are. On p-days we get to go to the temple. The only problem is its all in Spanish so I don’t really know what they are saying. The temple workers have to help me with every word.

I just changed rooms this week. I was in a room with the group that I flew in with but now they have split us up so me and my companion are now going to be in a room with 4 other latinos. Tuesday almost everyone else left and there were only Americans in the building so the president asked if the remaining american elders wanted pizza. All of us had to think really long and hard about it, not. He had us pay for the pizzas. It was 20 dollars per pizza for the large. All of the companionships split the cost of the pizza so it was 10 dollars per person. None of us really cared about the high price we just wanted some pizza.

Love you all lots,

Our Gym

Flag Posing

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