Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Figuring Out Spanish


So most of my life for the past 3 weeks has been learning the language and I think the Spanish is going awesome. They mainly focus on teaching us the gospel in Spanish, so when I teach the practice investigators I feel really good and confident. I can understand what they are saying and answer their questions. Outside of teaching in real life my Spanish is okay at best. They think as long as we are able to teach, the rest of the spanish will come once we get out among the people and in the mission field. I think that makes sense with the shorter time we are here. It used to be a 9 month set in the MTC but with all the changes I’m now here for only 6 weeks. That means I am half way through the MTC now. I’m hoping the rest of the language will come easy soon.

With my Spanish still not all the way the temple and Sundays have been different. We meet only with all the other missionaries even though a ward uses the same chapel as we do in the MTC building. I think they don’t want the Elders talking with girls while they are fresh from home. Its all in Spanish so I am slowly understanding more and more each week.

My favorite Elder that is here right now came in on the last transfer. His name is Elder Riggs. His visa was delayed so he spent 2 weeks in the Provo MTC. He joined our district with another boy from Provo last week. All the other people are calling them the ´´Chicos de Oro´´ or the Golden Boys, because they think they are super privileged and wealthy. I like them because they come from the same sort of background that I do. It seems like all the other elders in the district come from poorer families, and they instantly judged them because they were different. I talked with Elder Riggs for like an hour - hour and a half about the vintage scooters my Dad has and all of the rallies I’ve gone to. He thought the scooters were super cool, and said he sees vintage scooters all the time were he lives driving down the road with the big mod lights and all the mirrors. Then he told me about how his dad collects and sells vintage cars, and all the ones he has driven and which ones he liked the best.

Times up again,


P.S. Also I think Dad forgot to hit send or sent my email to the wrong account cause I did not get a letter from him this week. Please have Lydia and Fargo punish him for me. I would advise using peanut butter.

Hanging A Bit Outside

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