Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Week In The MTC


I apologize for my letter being later this week. My p-day has been Wednesday the whole mtc thing so far but since last week I got transferred to a different district with all Latinos it is now Friday. Next week I have no idea what will happen since I will be leaving the MTC for my real mission in Medellin. As far as my Latino district goes, its good. My language is so much better having everyone around me only speak Spanish. I’m learning a lot from them. They make me laugh though. When we have down time back in our room and are trying to relax for the past week they have wanted me to sing american songs. Its been any thing from Dean Martin, Lady Gaga, Billy Idol, Justin Timberlake, Aha, to the Backstreet Boys. Its like putting our music library from back home on shuffle and they want me to take requests. I’m not even a singer! We also have been exercising together. We have been lifting weights in the morning and by weights I mean chairs stacked together because they don’t have free weights. Mostly its been doing bench press, squats, calf raises, and shoulder lifts mostly. We’re creative. There seems to always be someone within 3 feet of me at all times.

So this week for district meeting I said I would teach a lesson on the plan of salvation. So I studied the scriptures and drew out the picture of the plan that Dad has drawn in his own scriptures in my work book. I was feeling all set but when it came time to do the lesson the marker for the board died right after I drew the pre-existence. It was horrible. I had not prepared for a verbal only lesson. Eventually I think it turned out ok. At the time I was thinking how bad it was but now it is more funny.

For service lately all we seem to do is clean the MTC. Like this week in my new room I cleaned the black mold out of the shower. Not sure why someone did not do this before I got here but it feels so nice to know its gone. The Catholic school just has not needed us much lately. 

Oh and if my drivers license ever shows up from being renewed, lost in the mail and then sent again, I don’t think I’ll need it fedex’d down to me. Most of the people say we won’t be driving in Colombia, the roads are too crazy. From what I’ve seen they are worse than the roads in Mexico with our crazy cab guy. Motorcycles weave in and out of cars and the small cars are doing the same. I’ll let ya know before you spend the hefty fee at FedEx.

Oh yeah and I only took 5 shirts with me to do service in and workout and I’m already getting tired of them. If Dad’s printing up anything for scooters etc. I really want one. 


P.S. I don’t know when I will get to write agin with me leaving the MTC and heading into the field but I’ll do it as soon as I can. I love you guys lots!

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