Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sightseeing in Bogota


So this week I got to watch all 5 sessions of general conference in English here in the MTC. They put all the americans in one room and streamed it live hooking up a computer to one of the tv screens. Others missionaries got to watch it in Spanish. It was really great to get to hear them talk about service while I am on a mission, I got so much out of it. I have a lot of notes written down from what was said all in my journal.

As far as the Spanish is going, I was feeling pretty fluent, well at least until I got a new latin companion today. I ran out of things to say after a couple minutes so I need to pick it up. Conversational Spanish is harder than teaching Spanish. I’ll have 2 weeks with him now before I leave the MTC.

You know how I said the food here was awesome and fresh, well I’m not liking so much any more. It’s still good but they feed us mostly meat, rice and soup and its always the same so there isn't any room for improvement. I’m ready to chose my own food.

I traded two of the ties I didn't really care about with some out going Elders this week. I got one that is a baby blue tie with polka dots and the other is a vintage royal blue tie with light blue and white pin stripes. I’m going to turn the vintage one in to a slimmer tie because it is like 4 inches wide right now but it was kind of cool to trade and I brought plenty with me.

I’ve been asked if we have sister missionaries here and yeah we do.We see them all the time, however we are not allowed to associate with them very much. Apparently here in Colombia a lot of the sisters go on missions to find an American boy to take them back to the states and get married so I will not be talking to them much.

On my p-day this week I got to go sight seeing. We went to the gold museum which was way cool it had a lot of the gold from the time of the Nephites time, but most I guess would be from the Lamanites because it was all ceremony items that did not look very holy to me. Then we took a cable car to a church on the top of a mountain. It was awesome to see the city from the top of the mountain and because Bogota is so big we could only see 3/5 of the city from the top of the mountain. They let me take my camera with me so I got a few pics but I can’t upload them until I leave the MTC. While we were out I did see a few vintage scooters but they were all stripped down models, nothing like my Dad’s.

We also got to go to the temple again this week and got to do inititories. A cool thing happened though. I actually had to help the workers with t language this time. All of the names were German so I got to help them pronounce all of them. 

I also learned this week that Medellin has a SLOTH SANCTUARY. I’m going to get to hold a sloth, well at least I hope I get to hold one. It would be so awesome!

Last I apologize for all the spelling mistakes this week. I am being rushed to answer all my emails and since this computer is set to spanish it say every single word I type is wrong. Hopefully my Mom does a spell check for me before posting it on my blog.

I miss every one a lot, but hope you guys are all doing well.

A View Of Bogota

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